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  1. A class that kites for a living benefits the most from those items. A Knight doesn't benefit from a mount, peco hairband, and speed pot, the hunter becomes easy mode with those. They're def nerfed from restart days. Res token yes every class benefits especially the squishy trap hunters who claim most deaths on this server. Not every class benefit from tele clip. I've never seen a Monk or priest class buy one. I agree a slight % nerf would be okay, it would help competition (if any this server) compete during mvps. But what about pvm... Do you want to nerf the trap damage so it still can 1 shot or force them to use 2 traps per anolian etc? Would 30% be enough to guaruntee they'd have to use 2 traps?
  2. I have both class's and can see both sides. I've solo'd easy mvps with both class ungeared and semi geared(not super geared) Yes you can solo at level 80ish with both class's, hard to do with other jobs (everyone forget about wiz) Both have their postives. No doubt theyre the best choice for starting the mvp scene on a newer server with a small population. My level 85 Hunter aint doing no 25k trap damage on mvp and he even has decent EQ. pure dex/int nothing else. My decently geared monk is doing around 60k asura on mvp, and sp item cost quite a bit/hard to find. He is more of a woe build with 60 VIT so you can add in damage for a pure mvp build. Trap hunter in pvm needs expensive gear to stay cheap. Heal/Tele clip are a must(Hello 10-12mil)(unless you dual client everywhere), or you'll be spending a lot on potions/flywings/rodex taxes. in pvp/bg hunters are there own weakness. Have a trap hunter killing everyone? Bring in a DS hunter to take care of him. The nerf comes from having no Mount, Peco hairband, Res tokens, Speed pots (trap hunter's die a lot, 8 of 20 top death on server are hunter) Restart had those items and it made trapper a true solo god class. At most i'd say give it the BB treatment and cut a bit of damage %. Cheers.
  3. We need some sort of event Lapaco is right. Double spawn rate of every monster please. Promote some sort of group leveling/grinding. Promoting lonely leveling is not good long term.
  4. Yeee i quit mvp due to cost being way too high vs reward. Was doing OL by teleporting to Inn for sp, walk out to east geff and warp back repeat lol desperate times.
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