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  1. Pots in some bounty rewards There are bounties which are more frequently hunted, due the individual kills being harder/giving less exp, i do believe they could be used differently from the "best exp bounties" I am refering to change the amount of monster killed and implement a reward that serves another purpose, such as potions and other consumables. Those would be "preparetions bounties", meanwhile the best reward bounties would work as they are now. This would demand an cooldown on every of those consumables in order to not disrupt suport class. Its somehow based on what BG do for WOE. It not only create diversity but a reason for people to farm different bounties. Renewal monster respawn amount More monster means less time running around and more time killing stuff, thats the reason you even leave town. More monsters also mean we have consistency in drop rates and exp gain, as you dont have to worry too much about running half map and finding only 3 of given monster. More monsters means more reason to party even at lower levels as mobbing become more feasible. It also means an enviroment with more players wont punish people when a few parties are already stabilised in spots. The renewal respawn feels so much better to farm D: Remake defense formula This is a very vague suggestion as the main concern would be a formula and i am trully useless to help with that. But by playing TitanRO i found out defense became a (almost) useless stat in renewal. I feels kind of bad, and i belive we could have a much more smooth progression if buying diferent armor from NPCs just for the sake of hard def could be more usefull. Quests for mid-game/farming gear Some cash shop itens are indeed broken. But some are rather nice. Not having a cash shop is nice, but we could still acess those itens by quests. It would be a mid game progression between npc itens and low drop rate itens such as cards.
  2. i am not a big fan of those events, but i would love some quests. Even if they are PVM or costume only, questing is one of biggest fun for me
  3. Tem mais br no server do que parece em primeiro momento. No fim de semana eu tava upando em grupo e só fui perceber que eram br quando um deles botou rs no fim da frase. Da uma olhada no discord que tu vai te sentir mais integrado a comunidade br: https://discord.gg/VNSPXxw
  4. I heard somewhere the 50% weight limit was changed to 70%, and also my SP was still recovering even after this message showed up.
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