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  1. Welcome everybody! I started playing here when the server started, but for many, many reasons I had to stop playing. Just recently I had the opportunity to start gaming again, and I am considering returning to the game, because in a few days, trans classes will be released, if I am correct. My question is, currently how bad/good is the online market? And, most importantly, I see that about 60+ online players are Merchants. Does this server still have a proper playerbase, who is waiting for Trans at the moment, or is it only about 60-70 players? I know the question might sound rude like this, but it is better to know these things in advance. Thank you for understanding.
  2. Aww, poorly buit? Yeah, sure. You came into this thread only to get personal, and to derail the actual discussion about the problem. which shows that deep down, your only hope to be somewhat competent with your chosen class is to nerf other ones. Thats just...pitiful. Thankfully, you are not a GM, so from now on, your bile will be properly ignored on my part. So, back on topic: 20% is still 20%. A solution: if the damage is decreased, the SP consumption should be decreased also. This could be a managable compromise. A blatant nerf will only build drama, a compromise could solve the problem.
  3. So, at least you are honest about nerfing, and not hiding it behind "quality of life improvement". I was disappointed in this nerf before I joined any guild, so there goes that. But going with the hurr-durr I can do it better than Gravity mentality is way more damaging. But hey, I could be complaining about a specific snake oriented card, which should proc 5% only, or with a certain passive skill already learned, shouldn't even take effect, but I am not here to take away the joy of a class, leaving a sour taste in every assassins mouth. All in all, if the GMs want to nerf, firstly look at more pressing matters, and avoid nerfing unnecessary things. Gutter lines were never a problem, until now.
  4. As a player, who has been maining knights for quite a while now, I have to agree with Charlie here. I would rather use hook instead of a "quality of life" "improvement" on my skills that basically reduces my damage by 20%. Playing around gutter lines is part of the knights life. I don't have the BiS equipments at the moment, but I do have decent enough gears, and still I feel the difference. Mobbing is quite horrible for knights. An SP consuming skill that requires gear and still can't quite get in enough damage? A perfect way to behead this class. I am also on the opinion that this "fix" is unnecessary, and there is no valid reasoning behind it. Stuff like this usually comes down to some ulterior motive, and could tarnish reputations. Leaving the skill as it should be is, in my opinion, the smarter choice.
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