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    B>Geographer Card drop me a pm here or ingame: Hoon Thanks.
  2. I'll just add my findings to this topic. 1) The Training Grounds quest doesn't initiate when talking to the Moose NPC after spawning in Izlude. Please see here: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Training_Grounds 2) Moose NPC illustration doesn't go away after talking with him.
  3. I'll miss the first week or so of launch but will join with Hunter, Priest and Monk later.
  4. Hi there, It seems as if the Resolution-option is somehow bugged in OpenSetup.exe. After testing it seems as if only the last two options can be used aside from the default(?) one. 640 x 480 [No change] 800 x 600 [No change] 1024 x 768 [Default ?] 1280 x 600 [No change] 1280 x 720 [No change] 1280 x 768 [No change] 1360 x 768 [Works] 1366 x 768 [Works] RoadhogsButt reported similar issues in Discord as well. [3:40 PM] RoadhogsButt: ok the 16:9 1280x720 resolution setting appears to use the 4:3 1024x768 resolution instead D:(edited)
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