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  1. Adoption

    Kinda wondering this too, though I haven't tried, cause one of my fav characters was an adopted one I played!
  2. How to sword, maaann?

    My question, as someone that has always had issues w/Bowling Bash, going an Agi or Agi/Hybrid build, I was stuck between getting Bowling Bash, or going Pierce/Brandish and Spear/Board. I've never liked BB, but if the lines aren't there, it may be time to rethink that. As I don't have oodles of zeny yet, a reset is out of the question. I was mostly just planning ot use this to farm/mess around with as is, but curious all the same. I've made many a SVD Spear Knight, but didn't feel like doing the slog that is leveling one of those again.
  3. Just Dropping in to Say Hull

    Came by to say hullo, meet new friends, and maybe run into old friends, heh.