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  1. It's poorly balanced. I'm sure people would like third classes a lot more if we did a ton of numbers balancing to bring them in line with trans.
  2. Farm your own SP items at multiplied rates. Royal Jelly and Honey drop at nasty rates during spotlights for Gonryun and Ant hell. Gear your monk better so your fists deal more damage. Get better weapons so that your damage doesn't blow chunks. If you're complaining that Trap hunters deal too much damage and that no one beats them at anything, why don't you actually play one yourself instead of droning on endlessly about how overpowered and cheap they are? As far as MVP drops are concerned, If there are less of a thing on a server inherently that thing you're getting is more valuable in the long run, essentially what you're asking for is that the things you eventually find be worth less because now they drop like candy from a christmas cookie. Would you rather the light epsilon you eventually get be worth 6mil when it drops, or 3mil? This is a common sense thing. The less of a thing there are the more valuable that thing will be when you find it and the more you can profit off of the system in the long run. The inverse would be that twice as often people would be finding the item, which would mean there would be twice as many of an item available for sale, which would cause the item to decrease in price by at least half.
  3. Sadie

    Trap Box

    Traps are strong, but carry weight is a negligible balancing mechanism since you can just send yourself traps in the mail. Ways to balance skills include cast time, cast delay, damage tweaking, sp costs, etc. Carry weight isn't a viable method of balancing anything by because no one in their right mind is going to take strength on a class that doesn't use it when you can store 8000 weight worth of items in mail and retrieve them at any time.
  4. Sadie

    Trap Box

    AGI hunters and Auto-blitz hunters have the ability to quiver their arrows to allow them to carry more ammo. My idea is to create a "Trap Box" that has the same function of these quivers, that holds 150 traps each at the same compression ratio of quivers, to allow trappers to carry more traps at any given time before having to go buy or pick up more consumables or use RODex to send themselves more traps.
  5. This is the Titan RO Lucky Drop forum, post pictures of all of your good drops when you get them with screenshots to celebrate your good fortune! I'll start: Was farming Jakks for a few hours yesterday, got three pairs!
  6. This is completely untrue though. While it does bolster solo-play, killing anything in a large mob party like that is almost completely impossible as the person playing can only control 1 character at a time, so it makes it very, very difficult to do things that 12 individual people could accomplish.
  7. Sadie

    Hello :D

    Nice to meet you as well! Your art is amazing!
  8. My proposal is that a designated area be set as the market area and have an associated command (or titan book entry) for people to teleport to it. Something like @marketwarp or @gotomarket that would allow someone to get to the market from anywhere, and then upon typing another command would be able to return to the map from which they came from, something like @leavemarket or @marketexit The main reasoning behind this is because vend signs can become kind of intrusive when attempting to move through an area and having a lot of them only makes movement through said areas more cumbersome. The area that I'm suggesting be established as the market area is the center of moc_ruins, which is the Northwest exit out of Morroc Town. The reasoning behind this is that the map has no monsters and the natural scenery of the morroc ruins already looks very similar to what one would expect from a market, with npcs and stalls already being set up there around the center of the map. There are also clearly defined areas within morroc ruins between the pillars where people could set up shops without the shops in question intruding upon any other town map or area.
  9. The airship representative in Juno will teleport you to any of the classic cities in exchange for a small amount of money, which is generally less than if you had taken two kafra warps. It's a great place to sit around if you're waiting for your friends to ping you for content (or if you want to get around without having to warp twice)!
  10. Sadie

    Wander Man

    Wanderers hitting like trucks doesn't bother me to be honest. It just means that you have to party up and cooperate with others if you want to go down there and fight them. Me and a friend went to GH and had a blast, because we were terrified the entire time. They're strong sure, but not so strong that they feel unfair. They'll do much less to someone with an undead shield and an immune I'm sure, and they don't have a huge amount of Hit points at all.
  11. I think the point he was trying to make here is that yes, generally they were made with the intention of selling them in the cash shop due to their unique properties (since they are quite a bit of pay to win in the instances of specific ones like the pencil and pirate dagger), however, if you made them available as something you could get through an in-game achievement and not as an incentive to purchase them through the cash shop (whether it be through an abysmally low <0.01% rate or an incredibly difficult collection quest), then they would be best in slot gear sure, but they would be something you could have to work to acquire instead of just paying to get them. The intent that they were created for in iRO doesn't have to be the way that you utilize them elsewhere. The items themselves if implemented correctly could have been a great boon to the community as a monument of effort. (similar to how acquiring Megjingard or Mjolnir are monuments of effort and also increase your stats by far more absurd amounts than just +5 atk or +3 dex), Plus, if the items themselves are hard enough to get it won't devalue similar items in those slots, it will only increase the price of the better item. This is mirrored in the real world by the craftsman effect. Put simply, it means that when mass production created goods while retaining normal quality, more of those goods became more available to the general public (aka the farming of normally obtainable items) however there were still craftsman who produced goods that were well above what the assembly line could create, which led to those goods becoming more expensive. (Having to farm for hundreds of hundreds of hours to acquire something slightly better) If a Ramen hat was 1000 Titan RO coins instead of 10 like the current costumes, Yes, it would still be the best in slot for the headgear. However, to get 1000 Titan RO coins currently would cost 70 million zeny in current RO currency (which is far more than anyone has at the moment, IIRC the person with the most has ~8mil?) and the token supply would dry up long before that number of tokens has been acquired, not to mention the addition of new items to the Token coin roster would cause their value to increase exponentially when people realized there were useful things you could get with them that weren't only costume related. Even if you didn't go the purchasing route and farmed the coins yourself, at an average rate of 10% drop from champion monsters, you'd be looking at having to kill 10,000 champion monsters to even acquire close to the level of tokens assuming RNG was in your favor. Tl,dr; The intent of iRO and Gravity when creating items doesn't have to be the way in which you choose to use them. The difficulty in acquiring said items could be used as a compensatory factor in determining the value of said stat boost. (If Mjolnir is an item in the game, which can be acquired through a certain amount of hours of play, anything beyond the point in which one is created could be considered balanced if the time involved in acquiring it is substantial enough)
  12. My suggestion is to take all the available costumes in the game and shuffle them all into an OPB/Egg/Heart envelope/comsumable container with upwards of 50-100 possible rewards. Currently titan tokens are experiencing a downward surge in value due to there being only a few available rewards from them. If there were a hundred possible rewards it would increase the value in the tokens because there are more possible items you can get from the container.
  13. Chick hat's double attack percentage only makes a real difference the closer you get to 190 aspd (closer to the exponential growth), I'd be fine with this. Peco Hairband does what it does while also largely nerfing the character wearing it, it's the equivalent of a mount for non-mounted classes without access to Increase AGI. Also fine. Fantastic Wig is essentially the above with no downsides. There's no huge relevant stat bonus you can get from a mid headgear so this isn't balanced very well. Not fine at all. Koneko Hat is a buffed Dress hat. No way in hell. Robo Eye is the most substantial boost you can get in a mid slot, making it a "you have to buy this item". Absolutely not. Ramen Hat is a slightly better Apple of Archer. But due to the fact that tokens are much easier to get than apple of archer, I'd reject this on principle. Pirate dagger and Well-chewed Pencil are the most substantial boosts you can get from a low slot. Absolutely not. Fish in mouth is essentially a "drops this thing and makes it better" thing. Plenty of cards do it, and it's not imbalanced in the slightest. All in all Chick hat, Peco Hairband, and Fish in mouth are balanced. Ramen Hat is best in slot for top head for any dex based characters. Robo eye is best in slot for every character. Pencil and pirate dagger are best in slot for any melee or ranged damage (and even possibly some low-dex casters).
  14. Then why don't you be the change you're trying to produce on the server? Create a topic that teaches new players how to install the game, create an account, and finish the tutorial.
  15. Sadie

    Named Monsters

    So the idea is to create "miniboss mobs". Sort of similar to how champion mobs work but higher than a champion mob but lower than an MVP. Currently champion mobs are just regular mobs with some type of bonus to one of their stats. Not very challenging generally. Thus, Named mobs. Think of something like a Savage(pig monster) named Hogger, or a Pirate Skeleton named Captain Hook. They would respawn every hour or two (probably more towards two) You could name them after donators who help fund the server (as a tip of the hat without having to give in game advantages to donators) They would have some type of effect (monk lightning bolts perhaps?) as well as a custom name to indicate they're different from normal monsters They would have far more hp than a regular monster of that type, with advances in evasiveness, attack speed, or armor value They would have an ability that the normal monster doesn't have access to.
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