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  1. Yeah, that's a LOT better.
  2. At what point (dex wise) do you start to see a drop in cast delays? Or is it just card/items that bring that kind of reduction?
  3. GeekAthair

    Doram ASPD

    ASPD is perfectly fine The skill tree seems bugged as well. I try and add points to the remaining skills here and they reset and give my points back.
  4. Maybe it's totally normal but I feel like 10 seconds to cast a LVL10 SG w/ 50 DEX as a wiz is abnormally long. Am I wrong?
  5. We've been having a lot of fun so far
  6. When you fail the wizard job quest you're supposed to be able to give an item (magic scroll, i believe) to the NPC to "bribe" him for a passing score but it doesn't seem to trigger on this server.
  7. Should have a Sailor at (197,205) that can warp us to Baylan and Alberta.
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