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  1. S > Card

    Zerom Card 4,999,999 Creamy Card 4,999,999 Aliza Card 1,000,000
  2. B>Ring[1]

    for 5M IGN: Densetsu CLOSED
  3. B>Porcellio Card (CLOSED)

    IGN: Densetsu
  4. WoE stats 2018-07-21

  5. Cant Login

    Hi, please help. I cant login on all my accounts. Last login was 3 Hours ago. IGNs: Account #1 Densetsu Account #2 Densetsu No Possible my IP/ISP got blocked. I was able to ping like 15mins ago. Now Im getting timed out. Please help! EDIT: I can ping but still cant login SOLVED
  6. Map is No Available

    Didn't know there will be maintenance. Thanks!
  7. Map is No Available

    Hi, got disconnected and I'm getting Map is not Available when I log back in. Current Map is Izlude