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  1. I see. I understand your point but still I kinda don't like this. It make people selfsuficient and discourages party. Makes it too easy to farm millions of zeny by yourself without any cost. Reading the server rules it states that "Botting in any way is prohibited" a pocket healer and buffer folowing you when you only have to alt tab for full buffs and heal whenever you want is still botting imo.
  2. Doesn't seen like it. If it's their alt how they manage to make it follow and buff their characters while they're killing mobs with another char? Or they have like 4 hands and 2 pcs side by side or it seens like botting to me.
  3. Hi. I'm new at this server and was leveling while farming some zeny at Toy Factory floor 2 and I couldn't help but notice some people with bot pet priest. They're usually rogue and you can cleary see the priests following them systematically with such precision and always stoppping by the side of the rogue and moves instantly when they move. So, is botting allowed on this server or am I the only one who noticed this? Once I saw a sin with like 4 characters glued together following him with exactly the same route. We all know bots ruin the economy with many people getting lots of zenny easly. Sorry if I'm posting at the wrong place.
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