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  1. Always a tough choice

    No matter which guild you might join(Evil Council, Kupo Club, Ro Buddies, 0r Side Quest). Each one is full of Awesome and fun people and never a dull moment
  2. Evil Council

    Evil Bump
  3. Hello!

  4. Yeeooooooooow

  5. Hullo :3

  6. Community Costume Egg Event

    you Still know the person that made the Night Vision Goggles
  7. Evil Council

    Still looking for Evil recruits
  8. Evil Council

    Still recruiting new members for WoE. We are in need of bards and dancers, but we will take anyone that would like to join. Everyone is able to invite, and just ask anyone in the guild and they will tell you we have some fun and crazy members that are willing to help each other out.
  9. [ New Player ] - Julz

    Welcome . Evil Council is looking for new members and we have some in the guild that mvp hunts daily.
  10. Unlimited Guild Titles

    Well I didn't mean unlimited guild titles. I probably could have worded it better like you said up to the max guild member number.
  11. Unlimited Guild Titles

    Back on TempestRO in 2010 we had a idea to have unlimited guild titles since everyone seemed to want their own title in the guild. Which it was nice to let everyone choose their own title instead of limited titles for the guild. What everyone think? I know I would love to have it
  12. Evil Council

    Found the Emp last night thanks to a mimic.
  13. Evil Council

    Evil Council was founded around 2005 on XaosRO. It was remade on EdenRO 1/1/1 then on Eden2/2/2. Eden merged with UnityRO. I started playing RO in 2007 and this was the first guild I joined. I ended up becoming the last GL on UnityRO and decided to play on TempestRO and remaking the Guild. Don't let the name fool you we aren't evil.... well not that much. We are looking for fun and active players to join us for our evil schemes WoE and PvM Shiro Yusuke and I will be running the guild so if anyone has and questions or like to join let one of us know. See yall in game https://discord.gg/5nH9Hqr
  14. Little Late

    Howdy yall. I starting playing RO back in 2007 on UnityRO . I was in Evil Council which I main a Sniper and was pretty good with traps. Looking forward to playing RO again in what free time I have now. D