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  1. Increase rate a little maybe? Things are so expensive that i have to hunt them myself, but grinding 10h/day for a week to get a card is just insane..
  2. Is the game down for maintenance or is it just me that cannot log in?
  3. Dude its impossible to complete the amatsu quest LOL.. The entrace to the shrine is full of mobs and those damn Hidras aswell.. Nevermind, just teleported right in front of the portal hahaha
  4. I got an AoA <3 The big problem is the uptime you know? I can kill like 2 mobs and then i have to sit down... One question, do we use Holy light for leveling or just stick to heal bomb all the way untill TU?
  5. So painful to level up @,@.... Between level 20~50.
  6. Alguma guild BR invitando novatos no server? =)
  7. So.. playing ragnarok after almost 10 years and it feels awesome, except i'm complety lost regarding where to level up. Can someone give me some tips on where to level up please? I'm a level 53 thief btw =3
  8. Im going to try a similiar build, except it has a bit more dex/vit and less agi.. ;3
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