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  1. Up! Any idea about the subject?
  2. Hey, I was wondering about a point regarding PvP. That is a game mode, I think, that deserves conso. In fact, if there's no conso available in this game mode, no one will play it. My proposal is what i've seen on many servers until here : allow to use BG's conso in the PvP arena. This way, we can play in PvP without all the problems of the PvP wthout conso (healing of priests necessary, but not efficient enough, monk/champ azura can't realy exist, etc.) I don't think the argument of "farm conso outside, blue pots/royal jelly" is realy pertinent, because of the easy way that is to allow BG's conso. Moreover, who wants to farm conso hours for a PvP session, when you can have the same/better playing BG ? I guess people, but... Well, what do you think ?
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