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  1. Remove monk spirit and problem solved! ///ugh~ Linker-Slaves on second window is what we needed?
  2. Make fury usable! Not only for Gfist, but for agi-monks! Fury is one of very stupid self-debufs for a job that relly on skills and constant sp usage. We have already +30 crit spear quicken for crusaders that does not have any weak side and in case of monks for only +20 crit it cost entire sp regen for them.
  3. Pew pew! Danmaku for everyone who not hide or grazed! With renewal defence calculation mechanics Gravity gain ability to sell more enriched elu and HD carnium from kafra shop. But they forgot to ajust old cards and some gear. Just because they cant sell that from kafra's shop. We now have amazing things! Like Ambernite card, that gives 2 Hard Def! (it's like less than 1% damage reduction) and Porcellio card that trades amazing +25ATK power for terrifing penalty of 5 Hard Def (near -1% damage reduction if you had 5 Hard Def before equip card). With higher def it scales horribly. Same about some gear that has Hard Def as bonus: Broad Sword, Cowardice Blade, Cutlus, Luna Bow. I mean - all defence bonuses are became completly useless and heavy defence penalty - became mostly ignorable becase even from Tao Gunka Card -50 Hard Def is about -5% damage reduction if you had 200 Hard Def or just -1% damage reduction if you had 800 Hard Defence. Proper solution - change to dynamic Hard Def bonus that calculates real damage reduction and adds old value over it. But with renewal formula it not simple. Simple solution: at attached graph you can see that ~500 Hard Def is about 50% damage reduction and before it line flat. After became more and more curve. Set it as reference and just multiply all old defence bonuses by 10. At very low defence it should give slighty more real reduction, at very high defence it give slighty less then 1% reduction. And overal they became more attractive for usual def range 100-300 and def penalty became more vital.
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