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  1. If TitanRO was a steak, what'd be the juiciest, most yummy part? I noticed TitanRO on a facebook advertisement: Why should I join, why is it appealing to me as someone, who plays on another server already? I'm a casual player, I play ~12 hours a week. Will I be able to achieve anything on this server? I'm a new player, somebody is being an 'asshole' to me: Could I report an 'asshole' and would they get their due punishment? I'm a new player: Will I be bombarded with elitist opinions on how I should play this game? Those are the situations and questions, which came to my mind, right now.
  2. I do understand that I'm hopping on the bandwagon here, since I'm not affected by it in anyway nor (probably) ever will be. But I do understand that Thanksgiving is about food, family (+friends) reunion, sharing what one's thankful for. So I'd like to have a go at it: I'm thankful for this server. I'm thankful for its peculiar staff. I've never known a staff (in terms of low-rate-ragnarok) accumulating a decent playerbase, putting out frequent updates and still managing to be likeable, well-spoken, well-mannered and most importantly - being down to earth. I feel like I can trust this staff, be it the moderators (read: moderator) [read: Steph] or the 'GMs'. I've never witnessed them acting out of line or (to use the new fancy word they're using at RMS now) being biased. Which - of course - doesn't mean you guys are washed down. I believe you took the concept of 'killing with kindness' and ran with it. It's quite amusing to watch how quickly one's silenced by just some strategic ignoring, a small DM or a more authoritarian public nudge. The key to this kind of 'power' is mutual respect. And nobody in the world of private server ROing deserves more respect than you guys do. Thanks! I'm thankful for its even more so peculiar bunch of players. There are no hard feelings. There's no *real* argument or 'hating'. In my months of playing I've encountered many a personalities - some of them rather likeable, others not so much. Aside from the occasional person snowing in from another server to subtly advise their superiority or the drunk spamming person on discord (*cough*), I haven't met a single player who wasn't treating me respectful, at least to a certain extent. It's a rare thing to combine a bunch of people from all around the world, a lot of them with diverse and complex personalities, not just the usual passerby you'll forget in a day or two, and make it work. And I do believe that is partly thanks to the staff but even more so and to an even bigger extent thanks to the players themselves. So I want to thank you guys as well, for making my singleplayer experience so much more enjoyable, interesting and at times quite frustrating. And - of course - I'm thankful for Lumen. Sweet Jesus.
  3. Fancy seeing you here. Bouquet's a social guild. We* strive to accumulate the best possible mixture of rascals and nerds, scallywags and elitists, beauties and beasts. Even though there most definitely will be aspects of PvM, PvP and eventually even WoE, we're* mostly focused on banter and having a good time, meaning that casuals and pros are welcome alike. Bouquet's a new guild with no former members or boundaries. In spite of that, there are some notes to comprehend and requirements in terms of joining: - your English has to be good enough to communicate fluently. - you'll have to join the discord server (https://discord.gg/xcZYH9d) - you'll have to pay attention to the rules, further explained in #rules of the discord server. - this guild'll have optional 18+/NSFW content. (swearing, innuendo, dank memes, etc. // this guild won't be the 2nd grindr, though) - everyone's welcome, not everyone'll stay. - it's a social guild. we're* all about fun, adventure and the casual approach to gaming. (<- in other words, you do not have to join with your main and avoid any other guild. it's more of an interpersonally experience than a hardcore-grinding one). Occasional guild-internal (future) events (PvM, DB, browser-game-nights, whiskey-nights, etc.) and a (future) hand-picked community will make you stay in the long run. For further questions or information, please join the discord server, PM me here, ingame (Meckzey) or via the official TitanRO discord server (Meckzey, also). * we = I
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