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  1. I think a better solution would be a daily quest of some sort instead of spend X amount of time doing probably nothing but artificially inflating server numbers to get your reward. The goal i assume is to get people on doing something meaningful with each other such as partying or w/e. The time based one will just get people online not really doing anything. It would look cute on control panel seeing more than 100 players but ultimately wouldn't create parties or anything which IMO is one of the major problems here. Perhaps a decent solution would be a bounty board quest that ACTUALLY gives good exp that people feel compelled to login to do daily? Something that inspires party play.
  2. The daily login time spent online scaling reward idea is awful. Just rewards people living on the game while putting others behind more. It also inspires signing up mass amounts of accounts to exploit this. The major problem with this server is they are under the assumption the players are kids coming home from middle school n playing all day/night. Everything about this server is setup to drag out and cost as much of your time as possible. Bounty boards were nerfed to drag out the leveling process. The drop rates suck to drag out farming time. The mvping drop rates are awful to...... Drag out obtaining anything from bosses. Soon as this is mentioned though you have people that enjoy this setup flipping shit saying omggg play a new server or omggg you signed up knowing the rates. They will defend this to the bitter end because they get to feel rewarded for spending 10 hours a day farming. They end up rich while others that work or have families end up with nothing. I'm not saying how they play is wrong. What I am saying is that model works for a small portion of the population. When I signed up for this server I thought ehhhh those rates are a little low but it has bounty boards and there were a bunch of people hyped up and alot of accounts made on day 1. That I could go mvp and make money, buy stuff I need that I can't spend 9 hours farming n so on. Then after playing here a bit bounty boards were completely ruined making leveling alot more painful than it was originally advertised to be. So the whole you signed up knowing rates doesn't cover these awful rates at all since it ended up being a bait n switch after certain people got to abuse it. As for drop rates, as I said server was hyped, people expected a much larger population. The rates would have been acceptable with a proper population. The people making decisions need to accept we don't have this population and change needs to occur. No one wants to join or stick around to farm 9 hours per item just to find it damn near impossible to buy 9 out of 10 items after you end up with zeny to spend. Low lvl items are non existent on this server as well. If you want a pupa enjoy 0 experience for 10 hours +. Same with fabre n such. This design does not work without a proper population or bots. No I'm not asking for bots either before some moron says that. Simply put no one kills anything on this server outside of spot lights and nothing exists to buy.
  3. I don't think the whole one shot anolians should exist. The dmg is just ridiculous. I also don't think there is the point in discussing this though sadly. Look at knights for example, 20% nerf to bb damage because they were op with unlimited hp/sp potions on restart. Neither exist here. This nerf still occurred effectively ruining the class and here we are discussing trap hunters one shotting end game mobs and 8 shoting bosses with 0 gear and practically 0 cost. Nothing will be done about it just like how knights remain neutered.
  4. Trojal tried to tell me today traps have been nerfed compared to iRO on this server. Can anyone confirm there is actually a difference with dmg? To me it seems just as cheap. I replied with "you mean no cash shop items" aka no pecohairband n such and he wouldn't say what the nerf supposedly is. The dmg seems to all be there to me though.
  5. Changing the formula so they have to make weapons with cards to do dmg is what needs done. If they want to do full dmg to MVPs they should require AK cards like everyone else. If they want to 1 shot anolians, they should have to have cards for that too. Why it's accepted for a naked hunter to run around trapping SK for 25k dmg is beyond me, yet nerfs are made to other things.
  6. This is the same logic that is being applied to MVPing and its bad. This isn't some established high population server. This cripples monks atm. Combo monks literally can't use fury and asura monks are completely screwed on SP items.
  7. Agreed, the dmg should have a nice blanket nerf on MVPs. Traps doing 25k+ is beyond stupid. Bowling bash somehow warranted a 20% dmg nerf but hunters 1 shoting anolians and monopolizing mvps by dropping 6 traps is idiotic.
  8. This is on topic, if mvping is a waste of time people don't do it, get bored n quit. Mvping is a big reason for people to play. Here's a guy posting his party quit mvping as well because it's a bad time investment.
  9. It's not about catering to demands its about keeping people playing... What don't you understand about if me and my friends choose to quit you lost 5% of the population? This server isn't in some position to shit on people.
  10. Very nice As I said above these people want the only source of income and gear in general to be endlessly farming because it's what they do and it puts them ahead of people that can't devote 18 hours a day farming. This server with this population n drop chance is basically if you want something you have to go farm it yourself. Shops have mainly spotlight trash people are trying to pedal and you can't buy actual good stuff since people farm one of it for themselves n move on.
  11. So if i phrased it "lets raise drop chance to the same as origin, which has 7 times the player base" you would of reacted different? My god do you people cling to dumb things, i say ohh lets increase drop rate by X amount and i give and example. You don't like the server the example came from so you blow a gasket and try insulting me even though a good bit of people came from restart to here. I explained that the drop chance is much worse than what people were use to and you guys go absolutely crazy. Like charlie said you can't discuss anything with you people. Just like hunter trap dmg can't be discussed and bowling bash nerf can't be discussed. I get it i truly do, you no life it and park on this game 18 hours a day and want to feel special for that. You want to think hehehe i got these cards from farming for 36 hours, can't have someone getting a decent drop from an MVP which in your little mind is taking value away from your hours of parking. The problem is you can't seem to grasp the fact that this has nothing to do with you. It's not an attack on your biggest loser status. It is a hey MVPing is supposed to be profitable and it's not because of these reasons. You fall under the trap hunter section(0 resources required, all profit) except you happen to be a wizard. You cheese a couple bosses like eddga with stormgust devoting 0 resources and think its fine. When you play something that actually costs something to mvp on your opinion changes. This server has weird shit that makes monks not regen with fury, not regen for 5 min after gfist and a population that literally cannot supply enough SP items to properly gfist without paying absurd prices. Stop being a baby thinking wahh if people make money from mvping it will devalue my hours of farming. If you want your farming to be made completely pointless by the fact that you and the other 10 people like you will be the only ones playing keep it up. Keep being jackasses to people that present problems and try to get things fixed to actually keep people having fun/playing. So far this server has made anyone who enjoys a knight not want to play and now monks are about the same way. MVPing is a joke, you kill a boss 10+ times and have nothing to show for it. If you like trap hunter and wizard though i guess its just great.
  12. The problem is its hard to point out why drops need to be higher because the complaint is effort vs reward. I try to point out how it's different/worse than official servers and people attack saying it's fine because trap hunters have 9 zephyrus or whatever. Trust me be glad you haven't solo mvpd, it's costed me alot of zeny and I've gotten a few Elu from all the trouble lol. I understand your complaint though. Yeah that's what makes me not want to devote time to this server. The only way to get ahead is no life farming cards since mvping yields barely anything compared to other servers.
  13. Lol i am going to go ahead n guess you mainly play a trap hunter(even though you claim monk) since you so adamantly defended their 25k traps claiming a monk abusing the inn is faster than it. This is a private server with 100 players that has a lower drop chance than official servers on bosses. That is the point of this thread, they are purposely doing things in an attempt to drag out the life of this server and this is one of the major things. You can attempt to paint it as ohh you are struggling me and my 5 friends manage to kill phreeoni without using SP items we are l33t all you want. It doesn't change the fact that MVPs are roaming around not killed and not contested because it is absolutely awful on this server. The general philosophy on here is ohh you shouldnt be mvping alone, ohh you shouldnt be using sp items, you shouldn't be playing a BB knight period(20% BB dmg nerf LOLOLOL and traps untouched) and ohh you shouldnt be doing it until you no life the game for 2 months to collect all your cards/armor. UNLESS you're a trap hunter then you receive no nerfs and it is just expected/allowed to run around soloing mvps naked doing 25k+ dmg a trap. This shit flys with trap hunters because as i said they require nothing, they spend nothing so when they get nothing for 10 kills in a row and then something finally drops on the 11th it is all profit. Sure if you run around with a group and are married you can kill bosses without spending any SP items or zeny, not everyone wants to do that and being forced to do that because the admins want to make everything an even more awful grind than RO usually is just to attempt to drag out the servers life span is stupid. Anyone saying otherwise is clueless, idiotic, plays a trap hunter or is a little kid that's probably home schooled n parks on RO 18 hours a day. The general audience for this game now is actual adults and it's something that wasn't considered when choosing these drops rates. Charlie had enough sense to admit these drop rates work for him simply because he has no life. Instead of doing the same you guys want to pretend you aren't losers and that omg drop rates are great tyrant is bad or w/e. As for origins, did you ever stop n think why certain guilds chose to go there instead of this server and we are sitting here with a pitiful 100(was actually 80 people online when i made this thread) person population? Ever wonder why you see people quitting daily giving their gear away in #main or just trading it to people and our unique logins are down down down? It's stupid shit like this, we just waited months for trans and classes on restart, now we are waiting months again, waiting months to get slotted stunners, being punished by this awful drop chance on mvping/loot in general because ohh it drags it out and makes the server last longer. I will spell it out for these dunces yet again, what keeps a server alive is it being fun, not making the grind more obnoxious.
  14. No one said it was the only class, not getting the point of this comment? I wish every mvp map had monsters to absorb sp from that were viable or that the maps are safe enough to dual box n feed myself sp with marriage spells. I also wish regen wasnt disabled during fury n after gfist for 5 minutes which ensures potions are being used to accomplish really anything. LOL what? Ohh the poor trapper 30 traps at what 60z each. I also have a trap hunter and I can tell you it takes a hell of alot less time to dump 30 traps into a boss than it does it play the gfist, bwing, inn keeper, warp portal dance game. I can easily put 30 into a boss before a monk would be back to do his 2nd gfist. This is ignoring the fact that on some bosses 3 traps > 1 gfist. Oh and you also don't seem to be aware that you can't even memo most of the mvp maps. So the whole inn keeper strat takes longer than normal. I don't care about your tiger footskins either, all are probably from the mvp reward and we were discussing actual drop chances. Virtually none of the mvps have anything to be happy about as mvp rewards. Yep "hardest" monsters smited by some hunter spending 600zeny and never being touched to require healing pots either. This server literally went out of its way to ruin what usually works for tasks aside from trap hunters which I find to be odd. Oh you want to monk mvp? Enjoy no sp recovery during fury and enjoy no memo on maps you can do on official oh and enjoy no slotted stunners for God knows how long. You want to play a knight enjoy 20% less bowling bash dmg because it's supposedly op on a server that barely has sp items for sell the majority of the time(outside of certain spotlights). If you want to play a trap hunter enjoy monopolizing mvps with minimal effort. Get an mvps attention and literally walk trap walk trap a half a dozen times and enjoy your free loot and enjoy doing half of a gfists dmg in one single trap that costs nothing and requires 0 gear. Oh and the topic of gear. It's oh no one should be mvping to make money since we all have crap gear. A naked hunter 7 shotting stormy with traps is fine though lol. Now if you babies can quit your crying about actual classes let's stay on topic.
  15. Of course those things were meant to make people spend money but it doesn't change the fact that anyone that mvpd seriously had that drop rate. No one is asking for gum or vip so i'm not sure why you throw that comment out like it matters. You think the ultimate defense against anything that works on restart is OMGGG they made it pay2win. We are discussing drop rates not the way of the drop rates occurred. I did tons of mvping on restart with vip and gum, you could still easily go multiple kills without something other than elu dropping. It wasn't some ridiculous chance that you were guaranteed loot. As for your crappy attitude of ohh rant as much as you want it isn't getting changed. You might want to drop the attitude and realize this server barely has 100 people playing most of the time. Origin has 3x on MVPs and 5x on normal mobs and they have 7 times your population and have/will obviously last longer than this server if something doesn't change. You think you coming in with that crappy attitude as a moderator saying ohh complain as much as you want it's not getting a change when the topic is something the actual GM suggested me to make in the first place is a good thing and makes people want to devote time here? Devoting time where a reasonable suggestion that virtually every other server does is insulted and locked is quite stupid. Now does anyone have any input that is not a trap hunter(yes i said trap hunters OP don't blow a gasket crying/locking the thread, we all know its true) abusing a couple mvps that thinks the system is just perfect because you're the only ones making money from mvping. I am not sure if theres actual people with experience other than this because like i said the other mvps are roaming around untouched every time i go to check on them.
  16. What? Why is it fine to tell people they shouldn't be MVPing on other classes because they didn't put enough farming in but someone playing a naked trap hunter should have free reign over an mvp that consistently drops OPBs and also drops zeph/ring/ice katar/light epsilon n so on? I guess working your way up doing 20 hour shitty card grinds is only meant for non trap hunters. If you're a trap hunter its jump right in, spend 1200zeny get handed millions of zeny.
  17. Then compare it to renewal i don't really care what you compare it to the point is on re:start the drop rates worked for mvping. You weren't guaranteed anything good but the bosses alteast dropped elu n such to give you something and i can assure you there werent 2 tiger footskins from 200 kills of eddga there either. People actually had a reason to kill eddga, you might notice someone devoted 49 kills to that thing and didin't even get any footskins, you call this good design and fun? That guy probably said screw this n quit. Making the mvp items double the drop chance still leaves them valuable and rare. A bazerald for instance is what drop rate, doubling that doesn't even really register and it's still not really going to drop here. Doubling orc hero makes light epsilon what 3%? It doesn't really do much in the way of making weapons drop more what it does do is make sure you get something from it. It might be just an ori/elu or w/e but you get SOMETHING for your time n resources. Yep trappers are beyond broken n stupid yet they are allowed and bowling bash gets neutered even though this server doesn't yield enough sp items to make BB be a legit thing anyways. Even worse yet is there isn't a socketing NPC(because waiting n dragging out content people waited for a dozen times already is fun!!!) so monks can't even make a slotted stunner to do reasonable damage. I also agree on normal drops too. You either are someone whos extremely lucky that goes n kills 10 mobs, gets a card n end up rich because RNG was on your side or you're someone that as you said spends an entire day there and a card doesn't drop and you say screw this im done. Let's be honest here, this isn't some official server that we atleast know our time invested will be there waiting if we take a break or w/e. This server may be dead 6 months from now and we are expected to farm entire days worth of time for some card? The population here is just too bad to expect this from people.
  18. See the problem is you didn't consider what's fun for the players. Most of us just came from restart after 6+ months of busting our asses, 6+ months of waiting for trans/gs/tk n so on. You're too worried about dragging it out for the actual player because you think this will prolong the life of your server. The only thing your approach has done for me is make want to not put any effort in here. Me and a friend were all excited to mvp here. I lvled a monk to 95, bought a phen/sohee so on. My friend lvled a priest to 90+ and we went mvping. We came out of it with a few Elu and alot of zeny spent on sp items. This was not enjoyable and quite frankly I'm already playing titan less n restart more as a result of it. Lvling on restart outside the exp helms is basically the same as on here. I was getting 25mil exp an hour at Medusa the other day. That's what a juperos party provided and it was nerfed. As for randris n such... No one will be killing that here for a very very very long time if ever since there aren't res tokens. If people do manage to kill it they deserve loot.... Not a carrot to keep chasing with no actual reward like it is now. You mentioned dark lord weapons, what is wrong with them dropping at a 16% and 6% chance? Is the alternative of no one bothering to even kill it better? Aside from yet again trap hunters pulling shit this boss isn't killed. Stuff taking longer to farm does not keep players around longer unless you're talking extreme cases like oh you load in as a novice and there's a vendor there handing you god items. There is always something to work towards in this game and thinking ohh if we drag out them getting items beyond basic npc gear they will play longer is dumb. People's time needs to be respected and rewarded. The current setup does neither, it is as you said a cheap way of trying to drag out how long your server lasts and it's wrong. You think anyone wants to wait month for trans again? We just waited for this crap on restart quit making things crappy for us to try to cuckold us into wasting more time here. What elaborate list would be needed? Make the drops 2x or whatever , then when the harder bosses with higher drop rates are added lower them individually as you patch them in and let @mobinfo do the rest. I don't understand the logic here. You allow trap hunters to be the new cheap thing n didn't tone down trap dmg at all. You nerf bowling bash because OMG best sp spender aoe while hunters run around with traps doing half as much as a gfist. You setup a system that biochems will have unlimited potions to whore people with in woe but turn around n say making people farm n work will keep them here longer.... Yet the most op job in the game that destroys mvps and lvling can effectively do both while literally naked gear wise. Why are other classes like knights trashed and everyone else is supposed to have full mvp sets before being able to effectively farm anything but trap hunters can solo mvps with 0 gear equipped?
  19. But rewarding hunters for dropping 6 traps at SK is fine and most of the mvps should just be useless and income should be purely based around lucky card drops while lvling? This isn't some mob that you can just endlessly farm. You have limited chances a day at loot from them and they cost alot to kill as well. The drop chance provided by VIP/Gum worked fine on restart, why are we making sure this server is the most punishing experience possible? My monk can 1 shot moonie with a lex, it does not get better than that for monks, you can't 1 shot without lex until you're a champ unless using god items. What exactly is going to improve so much about that situation that people shouldnt be rewarded now? Also you might want to consider the fact that unique logins are apparently down and this server has what 100 some players? I don't think we should be pretending its a smashing success we should be trying to make it fun. Waiting for trans again is not fun, not having gear implemented that makes things viable is not fun, waiting just to make a gunslinger/tw/sl again is not fun and putting time and money into mvping to maybe get an elu 1 out of 10 kills is not fun either. I feel your logic is backwards, it shouldn't be rewarding when you actually have to put alot into it, it should only be rewarding when everyones running around with alice valk shields, DR and god belts? That makes 0 sense, now is the time that the boss should actually drop something useful. You put 400k into a boss for nothing to drop 9 times out of 10 aside from maybe an elu and you think ohh lets wait until it only costs the people 50k and they are 1 shoting bosses then it's fine for it to drop stuff and "reward" people when it doesn't really matter. I would hate to see your logic applied in other scenarios. Ohh you're starving because all the animals you go out to hunt are rotten and provide nothing, well we aren't going to give you food until you build your own farm and raise your own animals, then we will give you food when you no longer actually need it lol.
  20. I talked to Trojal about this and he suggested i make a forum post. I feel that the drop chance on mvp items is way too low for this server and they should be increased to ATLEAST the level of restart with VIP and bubble gum buff. I noticed from the bit of mvping i did that basically no one bothers to on this server outside of trap hunters picking off a few very easy marks like SK that actually drop something useful at a high rate (OPB). Most bosses are roaming around not even killed and there is 0 competition. I explained to trojal that the amount of zeny/effort you have to put into mvping now is not worth it because of the horrible drop chance and what little zeny is in the economy is not enough to make selling it worth it when something finally does drop. I MVP on a monk where it costs me quite a bit to kill a boss. Weaker bosses such as moonie/phreeoni/garm can take anywhere from 2 to 4 gfists to kill and harder ones could take up to 16 gfists if im solo and half that with a priest. Currently blue potions cost 9k each, takes 5 or 6 per gfist depending on if monsters are pestering me in between or not. So roughly 54k zeny per gfist. On restart when you go gfist these weaker mvps it typically takes 1 gfist because of obvious gear differences but lets say it takes 2 like it does for a monk on here without lex. Generally an elu drops which covers the SP costs and you don't go poor just by killing them OR something actually drops you can sell and make profit. On this server with these drop rates and the limited sp recovery items(because of the low population) combined with the fact that when something finally does drop it's not worth much because of people not having much zeny makes MVPing not worth it on this server. Out of the MVPs i have killed with my friend we have seen a few elu drop and heroic emblems. Otherwise absolutely nothing has dropped and all MVPing has accomplished is wasting a bunch of my zeny and our time. I know someone is going to say it's because you're a monk or ohh it doesn't cost me anything to do stormy as a trapper or whatever. I already covered you trappers above, you do stormy because it costs you literally a couple thousand in traps and it's all profit with no expenses and stormy happens to drop OPBs at a high chance. For other classes its very expensive, even if its a knight or crusader trying to MVP. The amount they spend in healing/sp items will far outweigh anything they currently make. To further make my point i told trojal about the awful drop rate and that someone complained to me about tiger footskins not dropping, that the guy killed it nearly 50 times himself and didn't get any. I expected this story to be exaggeration but trojal showed me how many times eddga has been killed and that one solo person was responsible for 49 of the 200-250 kills(only glanced at numbers before he decided to delete it) themself. He then said he wouldn't tell me how many footskins were on the server but then proceeded to tell me that it ended up being eddga dropping it 1% of the time out of all the kills so far, which obviously says after 200+ kills there is roughly 2 footskins in circulation. This is utterly ridiculous that after 200+ kills a supposed 5% drop item has only dropped twice. I get how it works that killing it 20 times doesn't mean you're guaranteed one because OMGGG its 5% but this is just a pathetic number. I can only imagine that other items like bazerald from pharoh n such literally just don't exist on here since something from a much easier to kill boss with well over 20 times the drop rate has dropped twice this entire time. Which basically means that when you go MVPing on this server for the most part you can expect to spend alot of zeny on potions and you can maybe get an elu or a token used to make some helm and literally accomplish nothing but losing zeny. I feel that with how low the population is/the lack of restorative items is making it so expensive for anything other than trappers that its simply not worth doing at all. I am sure i will have people argue with me about this that basically haven't bothered to mvp at all or killed one boss once n got lucky or blah blah but the fact that virtually every boss is up at most times just roaming around kind of spells it out for you that its not worth doing. Killing a boss 50 times at a cost of 150k+ zeny per kill and still not even getting a 5% drop should not be a possibility and thats exactly what its like here right now.
  21. Why does it matter if someone uses an actual good item instead of an AoA? Should the end game be farming apples all day until one upgrades high enough? Cuz this is awful to do especially since defense is basically useless. So more realistically you want to keep it at goto pyramids/payon caves, farm an AoA, +4 it(since upgrades/armor are useless) and that slot is done VS having something better to work towards why exactly? As for Roboeyes being better binoculars so what? One job can wear binoculars and every job is left with useless middle slots, this isn't justification to make a slot pretty much useless for everyone else. Fish in mouth....... yet again why is the slot being actually useful a bad thing? Peco hairband makes an MVP card useless that 99.9% of the players will never even have a hope of getting is your reasoning really? You seem to want nothing but boring little stat sticks and in some cases stat sticks that only your job can use which is quite moronic.
  22. Lol so these items are fine but Peco hair band n such are OMG can't exist. None of these items shouldnt be added imo. Halter lead is fun n makes the game more enjoyable. So does Peco hair band, clown wig, robo eyes, fish in mouth n so on.
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