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  1. Taekwon Mission

    alright, i already reset the mission, and there come another champ, what a wonderful luck i have. Anyway tq for the suggestions Steph and Pope ^^'
  2. Taekwon Mission

    i do taekwon mission and... voila i have to kill 100 solid lunatics. is it normal to get champion monster in mission? how long am i suppose to finish this? (it's 2 spawn rate at huge prontera field 08 btw)
  3. Client Crash

    not that button bro, i already know that issue. the one i spoke is this character select button in game. so if i want to change char in the same account i have to restart the client instead of using this character select button. im still trying to find the issue but nothing found yet, thus if there any suggestions i'd like to hear that
  4. Client Crash

    yup, in game i press esc button, then click the character select button, and then it crashed directly, not directing me to switch to any character nor back to login screen
  5. Client Crash

    Hi there I don't know why everytime i change character my client always crashed, is there anyone who face problem like this? im running on win 7 by the way