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  1. After you uninstall the antivirus, make sure you re-install the RO files.
  2. Hi

    We've talked in Discord. Hope to see you in game!
  3. Just Dropping in to Say Hull

    Hey there! Hope to see you in game.
  4. Encountered something strange...

    As far as I know it does happen to all pets, and it's hilarious.
  5. What are you most excited about?

    At this current moment I am most excited to form a circle around Geffen square with arms locked.
  6. Grand Peco

    The other maps are not available yet, as Steph mentioned. AFAIK the only place right now with grand peco is that Juno 01 map.
  7. Friendly Reminder about warps

    "ping you for content" Eve player detected. o7
  8. Named Monsters

  9. Guilds?

    I'll have one eventually.
  10. Guild leader change cost/cooldown

    I say we split the difference and call it 14 days and not usable during WoE hours.
  11. Plan on having 3 job clases?

    The server will be progressing steadily. I'd look for that in a year or 2.
  12. Sprite Colours

    When can I dress like batman?
  13. Walking distance while zoomed out

    Can someone comment on this with experience coding it?
  14. Loot Protection

    +1. 20 seconds is decent.
  15. Walking distance while zoomed out

    Anyone have any thoughts on this? Bueller? Bueller...