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  1. i'd love it if we could atleast get these as you suggested like cap it at 5 gym passes, and have each pass cost like 10 or 20 tokens
  2. astyrah


    oh nevermind im just gonna redo my character since i messed up some of the stats anyway ^^ but yeah it would be nice if the staff had a look at the code for the quests/questlog since they're kinda buggy, my other characters never got this issue.
  3. astyrah


    Hi i just started playing yesterday and so.. uhmm, these 2 quests never cleared the quest journal despite me completing them (one was from when you're a novice and the other one is the archer job change - i already tried talking to the relevant npcs to no avail). Is there any way an admin or game master can manually delete these from my character journal? hopefully the fix isn't "hiding" them on the third tab (On Hold) since it kinda triggers my ocd and doesn't really solve the issue lol i'd appreciate any help or response regarding this ^.^ my character and account names are the same as my display name
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