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  1. I actually mentioned this in passing on a different topic, but I believe it could be beneficial for the server and for the player base/popularity. It may be beneficial to put TitanRO on the multiple top 100 lists and to incentivize votes in order to gain rewards (such as temporary higher rates, special events, monthly rewards, etc). It would help raise visibility and exposure for the server while also creating a more active environment as well. I believe some of the larger and veteran servers have lasted and expanded due to promotions such as this.
  2. Newcomer to the server, but have been playing RO off and on since closed beta. Just thought I'd offer a few suggestions: 1. MVP Weekend (or specified days/dates): raise the rates on those days to vitalize the economy without having to worry about a large influx of the items that'll lead to market instability. This will also spur the population and competition for these hunts, which could lead to more player/guild activities. A foreseeable issue would be the lack of interest on the days with base rates (although this may garner interest from players trying to avoid competing for the MVP). 2. Ascending rates: This would take some hardcoding or editing from an admin, but you could gradually increase the rates on the unhunted MVPs (to a specified max rate), until they are hunted and dropped back to the regular rate. 3. Party bonus rate: Again, this would take hardcoding, but it would be nice to encourage a large party MVP hunting by raising the rates for MVP kills by a large party. I could see a few ways of accomplishing this via coding, but I've never looked into what language these emulators are developed in so I'm unsure of its capabilities. 4. MVP/Mini-boss only Bubble Gum: A (non)tradable item that can be obtained via quest that will raise the drop rates for bosses and mini bosses only. Could also hold events to offer these as well. 5. Community driven raised rates: Either through events, logins, votes, participation (PvM, WoE, etc.), statistics (total kills, deaths, play time, etc) or otherwise that will reward us with a temporary increase in rates for a specified duration. This both indirectly and directly could help grow the active player base and increase the popularity of the server. In terms of an opinion, I think there are valid points on both sides. A higher rate would help perpetuate the economy and allow for more players to get involved in buying/selling. On the flip side, too high of a rate would introduce too many copies and could potentially flood the market. It would definitely require some market analysis (i.e.- if MVP farmed at every min/max spawn time * current/raised drop rate * 30 day period = how many potential copies). I'm glad to see that amidst the controversy, there are some strong arguments for both cases. Ultimately, it's up to the server owner(s) and what they envision for their project.
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