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  1. Could any staff member react to this? So we know its 'beign worked on'?
  2. Sooo... Since Juperos and Geffenia are comming soon™ Can we get a small 'launch' event to make it a little more fun & exciting? Like having monsters from Juperos/Geffenia invading a map/town every X hours. (Disable loot if you dont want the loot to be slightly more available). I feel like this could attract some players and create some hype. And its also a good break from grinding. This could ofcourse also be done with Abyss lake and/or biolabs.
  3. imdog, thats totally irrelevant to the discussion. A naked trapper does ~20-24k damage per trap. I dont see any other class do that amount of damage without gear (Aside from Asura, but that takes all your SP and requires SP items to be used to farm something). Trapper are in my opinion, far too strong. They can solo about anything and almost everyone is using them to farm gear or leech chars. Why shall I make a party, if I can farm stuff, while lvling my alts. I really hope trappers get hit with a damage nerf. They have run rampant long enough.
  4. While I personally would also love higher MvP droprates (except cards obviously). I think this discussion has derailed. I've read through it all and its people calling eachother names and getting totally not relevant (to this topic) things into it. If you want to discuss trap hunters, make a new thread. If you want to discuss monks having SP during fury, please say so in thay thread. Can we please stay civil and have an actual discussion about why we should or shouldnt increase droprates? We're all above the age of 12 and are capable of beign polite. Please act like it. And on a side note. You're complaining about solo killing MvP's. I'm a supportive class (bard) thats basicly never asked to MvP because monks and trappers can solo them. Back to the topic: I'd love slightly higher drop rates so I'd be able to more casually 'keep up' with others. TheIts (for me) also pretty discouraging killing MvPs and getting basicly nothing. The rates are however (probably) set in stone and wont change.
  5. I fully agree with Charlie! Problem is people are already stocked up with them, so removing the bottles (when trans hits) wont really fix anything. And removing them now, you get people complaining about their badges beign wasted...
  6. Lapaco

    Trap Box

    I dont think this is needed. Trappers are very strong already.
  7. Because the bard is extremely underplayed and undervalued I decided to make a basic guide too show off the awesomeness of the Bard class! To become a Bard, you have to play the archer class. Bards must be males and Dancers have to be females. They're gender locked classes. Bards are a supportive class by nature, they however are capable of dealing decent damage! Bards use two types of weapons: 'bows and instruments'. Both of those weapons deal damage based on DEX. Both weapons also use arrows as ammo. The bow uses it for everything, while the instrument only uses arrows for skills (Musical strike / Arrow Vulcan). Important stats: DEX - Almost always get 80-90 dex. Any build. VIT - Higher for PVP and WOE and even MVP, but don't ever get more then 90 vit. AGI - Good for PVM, and leveling. I personally prefer getting 20-30 agi as a FS bard, or ~70 as a strafer. INT - A good stat to have to enhance your Poem of Bragi! Dont go 50+ int. STR - Get a bit of STR (up to 20) for pure WOE support. Only for carry weight. NOT REQUIRED! LUK – Not usefull Skills: All songs have a 7x7 area of effect around the bard, after leaving the area the buff stays active for 20 seconds. Music Lessons: Increases your movement speed when playing a song and increases their effectiveness!! ALWAYS MAX THIS!! Melody Strike: I usually get 1 level into this. It takes (at rank 1) 1 sp and you do about 50% of the damage a DS does. With 90 base dex, this hits decently hard! Very good to use while you're playing your songs. Frost Joker: Always get 5, 40% chance to freeze ALL enemies on screen. If other players dont have a Marc/Evil Druid card, they'll be beautiful ice sculptures waiting to be hit by your Wind Arrow Double Strafe (or Arrow vulcan when trans). Dissonance: Prequirement for all your songs. Deals really low damage in a 7x7 area. NEVER actually use it and keep it at lvl 3. A Whistle (Song): +20 flee and +10 PD at rank 10. For every 10 agi you have +1 flee, for every 10 luk +1 PD. Pretty bad. Assassin Cross at Sunset (Song): 30% aspd at rank 10. For every 10 agi +1% aspd. This doesn't work with the following skills: Two-Hand Quicken, Spear Quicken, Adrenaline Rush. So you'll only help out rogues/alchemists/assassins/monks with it. Its great for buffing emp breakers or buffing those classes in PVM. A poem of Bragi (song): 40% cast time AND after cast delay reduction at rank 10. Every 10 dex -1% casting time, every 10 int -1% after cast delay. This is THE BEST bard skill. It makes everything broken. Priests wont have any delay on their buffing skills or heals, wizards can just spam spells nearly instant. ALWAYS get this to 10. Apple of Idun (Song): +120 HP regen and +35% max hp at rank 10. Every 10 vit adds 5 HP reg and 1% max hp. Its great for making those tanky classes tankier. Its horrible for 'healing' your party. Encore: Repeat the last Song (or Ensemble) you played for 50% of the SP cost. Pretty good for SP management! Adaptation to Circumstances: Cancels the song/ensemble you're playing. (This actually is very rarely used, as you can just switch weapons to stop the song) Ensembles: Ensembles have a 9x9 area of effect around the BARD + DANCER couple. THEY CANNOT BE PERFORMED WITHOUT A DANCER. The Dancer and Bard need to BOTH have the Ensemble learned to play. Lullaby: Everything in the area has a chance to sleep. Useless Into the Abyss: Skills no longer require gemstones (Hocus Pocus usually only costs 1 gemstone instead of 2). Its okay.. nothing special. Loki's Wail: EVERYONE in the 9x9 area cannot use skills. Only the Caster of Loki's Wail can stop the cast. Excellent for WOE, garbage for PVM. Eternal Chaos: Reduce everyone's Defense to 0. (Only lowers VIT def, not ARMOR def) Invulnerable Siegfried: Gain elemental and status resistance to ALL elements. Sounds amazing, but pretty hard to get value from. Mr Kim A Rich Man: (At rank 5) increase XP gain by 180% if monsters die within the area. Its only usefull for leveling. If people 'main' a bard class, they dont get this duet. Drum on the battlefield: At rank 5, increase ATK by 150 and DEF by 12. Pretty strong, you have to fight inside the duet to benefit from it though. Can be tricky to use. Ring of Nibelungen: At rank 5, increase ATK of level 4 weapons by 350! Pretty strong if your party uses level 4 weapons, tricky to use. Ensembles sound amazingly broken on paper, but are very hard to use effectively. You ALWAYS need a partner with you, with exactly the same skills. You cannot move in Ensembles and the skill effect disappears immediatly when you leave the area, unlike the solo supporting songs. There are two kinds of bards, a 'battle' bard AKA strafer bard and a Full Support (FS) Bard. I'll be going over both builds and their pro's and cons. Strafer Bard: 90 DEX 1-30 VIT 70-90 AGI 40-50 INT 1 STR 1 LUK This stat distribution allows you to keep spamming Double Strafe at a high speed and deal a crapton of damage! You're basicly a Strafer Hunter with more SP, but less damage. You can also play a song, and spam Musical Strike for pretty high damage. Bard skills don't really matter for this build. You probably want to get Frost Joker & Poem of Bragi for the freeze+Double Strafe strategy explained at Tips & Tricks below. 1 Adaptation to Circumstance1 Encore10 Music Lesson5 Musical Strike3 Dissonance5 Frost Joker10 Poem of Bragi10 Assassin Cross of Sunset1 Apple of Idun1 Loki's Wail1 Eternal Chaos1 Invulnerable Siegfried Equipment: Head: Apple of Archer (PooPoo Hat for WoE) Middle Headgear: Binoculars Or Sunglasses [1] Lower Headgear: Gangster Mask Weapon: +10 Gakkung [2] with 2x Archer Skel (Or Hydra for WoE) Weapon: +10 Harp [2] with 2x Archer Skel (Or Hydra for WoE) - Use an Oriental Lute if you dont have good gear yet. Shields: Buckler [1] Armor: Tights [1] Garment: Muffler [1] or Ragamuffin Manteau Footwear: Boots [1] or Crystal Pumps Accesory: 2x Glove [1] The Bard Card set is also pretty decent for a strafer bard. I'm not sure if it performs better or worse then Dex/ATK boosting cards. Full (woe) Support Bard: 80-90 DEX 80-90 VIT 20-30 AGI 30-50 INT 1-20 STR 1 LUK This stat distribution allows you to keep your songs going without needing SP breaks. You're able to dish out decent damage with Double Strafe / Musical Strike and are quite tanky! Excellent for WoE/MvP. 1 Adaptation to Circumstance 1 Encore 10 Music Lesson 1 Musical Strike 3 Dissonance 5 Frost Joker 10 Poem of Bragi 10 Assassin Cross of Sunset 5 Apple of Idun 1 Loki's Wail 1 Eternal Chaos 1 Invulnerable Siegfried Equipment: Head: Apple of Archer (PooPoo Hat for WoE) or Cap [1] with Stalatic Golem Card Middle Headgear: Binoculars Or Sunglasses [1] Lower Headgear: Gangster Mask Weapon: +10 Compostive Bow[4] with Status Cards Weapon: +10 Harp [2] with 1x Golem Card + 1x Status or Archer Skel Shields: Buckler [1] With Thara Frog card Armor: Tights [1] With Marc card Garment: Muffler [1] with Raydric card or Ragamuffin Manteau Footwear: Boots [1] with Verit card or Crystal Pumps Accesory: Safety Ring / Rosary / Rosary [1] I highly suggest NOT using the bard card set for a WoE bard. Status cards: - Metaller (Silence), +5 ATK and 5% silence chance. Silence is countered by the target's VIT. - Savage Bebe (Stun), +5 ATK and 5% stun chance. Stun is countered by the target's VIT. - Plankton (Drowsy), +5 ATK and 5% sleep chance. Sleep is countered by the target's INT. - Marina (Ice), +5 ATK and 5% freeze chance. Frozen is countered by the target's MDEF. - Magnolia (Cursing), +5 ATK and 5% curse chance. Curse is countered by the target's LUK. - Lord of Death (MVP) random chance of inflicting Coma (HP drops to 1). (Its a MVP, wont happen) Tips & Tricks: - Song Flashing: Play a song for 1 second, switch weapons and start strafing. The effect of the songs lasts for 20 seconds so you dont have to keep playing! This allows you to play several songs in rapid succession to buff your party with all their effects in just ~4 seconds! Very high SP cost (And RIP your ears). - If you have a Soul Linker, you can buff yourself with your own songs. Soullink -> Bragi -> Back to bow -> Spam frostjoker till enemy is frozen -> Double Strafe with wind arrows for MAXIMUM DAMAGE. - Soullink allows you to move at normal speed while playing (solo) songs. It also unlocks the Dancer counterparts of the Bard songs you've learned. Its pretty great! - Trans only: Soullink -> Bragi -> Swap weapon to bow -> Back to instrument/shield -> Tarot Card For any tips, advice or recommendations. Please message me on the forums, or ingame!
  8. Lapaco

    Ingame Events

    I think its pretty important to have some events that break up the grind, and allow the server to feel more alive. I wouldn't call the spotlights a real 'event'. Its basicly just 'Grind this are now for extra goodies!' I suggest simple automated events such as: Find the porings Several event porings spawn in a (random) city all over the map. People have to find them and if they kill one they get 1 titan token (or something else). Preferably disable teleporting so people have to run around. Disguise event A NPC transforms into a random monster several times. Each time you guess right you get a titan token. There's also the option of having monster events without the actual monster drops, so the economy doesn't get ruined. I'd love to see several (automated) events added in the near future.
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    3 years?? Time sure flies. Doing great ^^ cant wait to see you ingame
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    AAAAAH FAMILAR FACES /SLUR. How have you both been?
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    Oh my god. HI
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