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  1. i didnt see that chalie had posted smth earlier i dont think that every type of item should be 5x only cards and gears and maybe not all gears cuz some of them are just to sell on npc Zeny sink is not necessary. if u have a quest that's very desirable new players can just farm the item needed and make zeny that way. So with new players having a zeny source zeny sink isnt as needed
  2. i think that 0.5% for cards and 5x to usable gears would be fine dont need to create a formula unless this is easier to program
  3. Well, all i can say is that i agree with charlie last post we dont see a big amount of items from mvps in spotlight so increasing it wont kill the server. Having all gears and be done with pve rly kills the server, but not having much variation on content here and pple not getting enough reward on their efforts also kills it. u have to find a good effort/reward ratio and right now reward side feels low
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