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    Sign quest

    Hi, I think I've broken my sign quest on my assassin schwifty. I'm up to the point of the iro guide part 5.7. I've broken the seals but didn't receive any pieces of spirit. You'll get a Piece of Spirit once you break the seal. And when you break the fourth seal, you'll get the Spiritual Whispers. As I break the fourth seal, it's says all pieces go together you get the Crystal and it whispers yet I don't get any item. I think it's stuck here as I can keep successfully breaking the fourth seal but don't receive the item. I've tried looking at the other seals again but nothing happens with them now. What I think may have caused this is my char having too many items 100/100 at the time of breaking the seals rather than being overweight, so didnt get the previous 3 spirits but still was able to move on to the next one. I didn't realise until later on when I couldn't trade anything that I was carrying too many items. I've been back and forth to the next npc and others but it seems to be stuck at this part?
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