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  1. Please correct me if i'm wrong about equips head: apple of archer armor: anything with poring card acessories: rosary or glove with zerom card foot: the crystal show that Alice and Marionete drop weapon: anything with 4 drops cards As for the rest, I have no idea, any suggestions about the cape?Is there something for the shield?
  2. Thanks! With this I caan forge all kinds of weapon. I already have repair weapon with my Battlesmith and already got vending to a good level when my forger was a merchant so I will just put the last skill in Iron Tempering. I have more than 700 iron ores that I got in Ant Hell while trying to find Andre Card during the spotlight which need to be refined so ione more lvl in Iron Tempering would help me a little bit more.
  3. I'm making a fullforger and I'm in doubt about the skills I should have besides the smith skills. From what I kown Weaponry Research lvl 10 is must but which level should I have the skils bellow? Steel Tempering Iron Tempering Enchanted Stone Craft Research Oridecon
  4. is it better Very Very Very Strong Damascus or Damascus[2] with some card?
  5. Not sure if I should make a Sage with endow or a forger to make a weapon with each element, I will think about it. Thanks for the advice! About the left hand weapons, is it worth to place 2 race cards + 1 size card?
  6. There are some good cards that drop from weak monsters like Pupa, Poring(Good for forgers and alchemists), Drops and Fabre which are truly lacking since no one hunts such low levelled monsters. I was thinking of creating a "Weak Card Album" which can give a card from a monster thats level 10 or bellow. Giving this Weak OCA as one of daily login bonuses could increase the number of cards from weak monsters in server . Since there would be many useless ones mixed in, it's not like the server would overflow with them. Also, about the login rewards, the must be something to prevent others from creating accounts just to get the login rewards.
  7. Hey, I'm making an assassin double dagger. Can someone please give some advices? I would like to know some ways to improve my equupment by drops or buying cheap items, where to place my stats and skills. I heard that double daggers are not very good and that katars are better. I would like to know if it would be better to change to katars, if yes how much would it cost me to change my stats to katar in the stats reseter and if it would be better to change only when transclasses arrive. Can someone please help me with this?
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