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  1. Character rebirth and transcendent classes are coming to TitanRO on October 12th, 2018! Follow our Road to Rebirth updates for feature announcements and events, including achievement system, invasion events, lite client download, event headgears, and more! For our first Road to Rebirth announcement (this one!) we are excited to announce two features!~ Mobile Client We now have an Android client available for TitanRO! Using the mobile client, you can play on the go, or try out the server without needing to download the full client. There are two modes of connection: you can download the data files before connecting, or you can download individual data files as needed. Download the client here: https://rink.hockeyapp.net/apps/f5a61910feb84e0e89ab2187629df256 We will be monitoring the mobile client for potential issues to see if we need to add any restrictions to it. Please report bugs/issues with the mobile client on the Pesticide Warehouse, or on our Discord in #support. Daily Login Rewards In order to reward players for their activity on the server, we have implemented a daily login reward system. Each day of activity for a character (currently defined by 50 kills), you can claim the login reward box(es) for that day. Don't worry about missing a day; the rewards continue where you left off! Claim your reward by using the Attendance Check button, or use @dailylogin. At the time of this update, the login rewards are as follows (subject to change): Day 1: 1x Login Reward Box Day 2: 1x Login Reward Box Day 3: 1x Login Reward Box Day 4: 2x Login Reward Box Day 5: 1x Silver Login Reward Box Day 6: 1x Login Reward Box Day 7: 1x Login Reward Box Day 8: 1x Login Reward Box Day 9: 2x Login Reward Box Day 10: 1x Silver Login Reward Box Day 11: 1x Login Reward Box Day 12: 1x Login Reward Box Day 13: 1x Login Reward Box Day 14: 2x Login Reward Box Day 15: 2x Silver Login Reward Box Day 16: 1x Login Reward Box Day 17: 1x Login Reward Box Day 18: 1x Login Reward Box Day 19: 2x Login Reward Box Day 20: 1x Gold Login Reward Box After claiming day 20, the rewards start again at day 1. Daily Login Reward Box: [25%] 20 White Potion [25%] 10 Strawberry [12.5%] 1 Rough Ori [12.5%] 1 Rough Elu [12.5%] 5 Authoritative Badge [12.5%] 1 Gift Box Silver Login Reward Box: [16.7%] 10 Blue Potion [16.7%] 1 Rough Ori [16.7%] 1 Rough Elu [16.7%] 1 Gift Box [8.3%] 1 Ori [8.3%] 1 Elu [8.3%] 1 Old Blue Box [8.3%] 1 Titan Token Gold Login Reward Box: [18.2%] 10 Blue Potion [18.2%] 1 Ori [18.2%] 1 Elu [18.2%] 1 Old Blue Box [9.1%] 5 Speed Potion [9.1%] 1 Old Purple Box [9.1%] 1 Titan Token Today's update also brings a few changes/fixes: * Homunculus now gain 10% of their owner's exp gain (owner still gains 100%), so feel free to bring those Homunculus along to your next party! Edit: experience from a party isn't shared to the homunculus, this will be fixed next week! * You can now autopick items from the floor while in skill delay, whether from a combo skill like Raging Trifecta Blow, or from aftercast delay of a skill like Lord of Vermilion. * Fixed: Shield Boomerang now adds damage based on the refine level of the shield. * Fixed named items granted by some NPCs being created incorrectly (Sign Quest named stones, wedding rings) * Fixed Captain Carocc cutin permanently remaining on screen in some cases.
  2. Upcoming Updates Skills Update We have been following along with other Revo-Classic server features and updates for a while now. We are excited to announce that the most up-to-date server (twRO restart) recently received the skill overhaul update. This update changes the cast time, cooldowns, and effects of many skills. We will be receiving this update in pieces over the next few months on a class-by-class basis as each class is ready. See divine-pride for more details about these skill changes. Refine Update The DEF granted from refining armors will be updated to match changes in the twRO restart server. The new formula is roughly 3x as much DEF granted per upgrade level. Poring Village Instance We will start adding instance content to TitanRO, the first of which is the Poring Village instance. Look for this lower-level instance in an update coming soon! Timeline When can you expect these updates? We expect most if not all of the skill updates will be complete by the end of this year. The DEF and Poring Village instance will be released sooner, when testing is complete. As many of you know, TitanRO is a completely free to play server with no donations and no cash shop, run by a team of people passionate about maintaining a high quality RO server. We will be taking off today and next week from updates as we prepare for these very exciting changes (and I enjoy my honeymoon in Asia). Thanks all for playing with us, and we hope you enjoy these updates!
  3. HIT/FLEE rebalance Today's maintenance updates the hit/flee values for monsters to account for our max level 99 system, as opposed to previous values which (especially for MVPs) were based on a max level 175 scale. We have switched to classic AGI/DEX for monsters, which has various nerfs and buffs on monsters -- the biggest effect is more attainable hit/flee for MVPs, but some monsters are also harder to hit or flee. As always, you can view the HIT/FLEE needed for various monsters by using the @mi (@monsterinfo) command followed by the monster's name or ID. Biggest nerfs: 1) Assassin Cross Eremes (MVP): 157 easier to HIT, 216 easier to FLEE 2) Gloom Under Night (MVP): 108 easier to HIT, 251 easier to FLEE 3) Sniper Shecil (MVP): 78 easier to HIT, 271 easier to FLEE 4) Bacsojin (MVP): 179 easier to HIT, 144 easier to FLEE 5) Ygnizem (MVP): 117 easier to HIT, 168 easier to FLEE Biggest buffs: 1) Anopheles: 140 harder to HIT, 14 harder to FLEE 2) Teddy Bear: 74 harder to HIT, 39 harder to FLEE 3) Zenorc: 59 harder to HIT, 48 harder to FLEE 4) Kraben: 92 harder to HIT, 7 harder to FLEE 5) Thanatos Despero (Miniboss): 71 harder to HIT, 24 harder to FLEE Save the Mandragora Some classes have to hunt materials in order to use certain skills. Many of these materials can be purchased, some must be obtained from killing monsters. Stems are time consuming but not interesting to obtain. We have reduced the requirement for brewing Alcohol from 5 Stems to 2 Stems.
  4. In today's maintenance we have a new client version, with our largest update since launch! This brings many improvements, but just to mention a few: Improved dye selections Better dye options for all classes. Increased number of dye choices to 260, up from 77. Stylist now costs 2 Titan Tokens to unlock, down from 10 Titan Tokens. Improved party menu You can use floating party member icons for easy targeting, and locking them in place works correctly. Fast fly wing / refresh Tired of waiting for the screen to fade in from black while fly winging around? Now you can teleport and instantly see the area where you land. Fast autofollow Autofollowing characters will now update their pathing 5x faster. Loot auras Dropped cards from monsters show a beam of light highlighting their location. Added overhead labels to ferry / airship / warper NPCs. Improved character select interface color contrast. Fixed issue with switching accounts. Fixed an issue with pathfinding through allies. New full installer available, with Windows uninstall support. TitanROSetup.exe Costume Egg 13 Costume Egg 13 is available for purchase through the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. It randomly contains one of the following costume items: Costume Sorcerer Hood Costume Ancient Gold Costume Bubble Headband Costume Antenna Ears Costume MVP Costume Black Frame Glasses Costume Master Of Water Costume Foxtail Costume Golden Bell Costume Happiness Wings Miscellaneous Updates Removed Lucifer's Lament item from Arrow Crafting option. Updated Guide NPCs locations Added support for navigation system in NPC dialog. Due to the large client update, there may be client-side issues with skill descriptions, quest descriptions, etc. Please report any issues you encounter.
  5. War of Emperium Statistics This week we have a new page released in the control panel for War of Emperium statistics! Ever wonder how much damage you did, or what killed you? Now you can look at a detailed view of any character in WoE and see a breakdown of their performance. To find these new stats, simply visit the Control Panel and choose Information > WoE Statistics. http://cp.titanro.net/?module=woe_stats Miscellaneous Updates Due to complaints from the Eden Kafra Service Provider, we have asked Mokona (pantie-signing NPC) to stand further from the Kafra. Due to a client issue, we have temporarily disabled reading books during a quest (such as nameless quest). The quests will continue as normal, just without opening the book text.
  6. Nameless Island A mysterious island off the coast of the Arunafeltz Peninsula. The island may appear charmingly beautiful under the sunlight, but its true nature is revealed after the sun sets: eerie groans can be heard over the walls of the monastery where visiting Monks and Priests have inexplicably vanished. The truth and the terror of the monastery will be revealed in the darkness of the night. Today's content update brings Nameless Island and the Cursed Abbey dungeon. Be very careful should you be on the island at night, for the abbey is home to many undead and demon monsters. To gain access to Nameless Island, you must complete the Nameless Island Entrance Quest (wiki link). Before starting this quest you must also complete the Curse of Gaebolg quest (wiki link). Once you have discovered the secrets of how to access the island, you will be able to take a boat near Veins to bring you there. Updated OBB, OPB, OCA, DB for Nameless Island content. Rescued a Guildsman NPC who fell in the water in Izlude. Removed zoom/rotation restrictions on some maps: Juperos maps Thor Volcano 2nd floor Veins entrance Cursed Abbey Lore source: irowiki.org
  7. Veins Veins is located in a canyon in the southern part of the country near the dangerous Volcano Thor. The local geologist is studying the Volcano, and may be in need of assistance from passing adventurers. The town is famous for its wonderfully smelling soap. Today's content update opens the city of Veins, Thor Volcano, and surrounding fields for travelers in the Arunafeltz region. In the deserts around Veins, you will find plenty of Stapo, Side Winders, and even some Magmarings around Thor Volcano. Thor Volcano According to legend, Thor fought a fierce battle with evil fire spirits and hammered them down with such force that the earth itself was wounded and shed burning blood, thus creating Thor Volcano. No one can ascertain the truth of this story, but it is quite believable: the volcano's caves are teeming with mysterious fire spirit monsters that attack adventurers that may be seeking shelter from the rain and typhoons outside. In Thor Volcano you will find very dangerous monsters wielding strong fire attacks. Anyone venturing near would be advised to be well-prepared with fire reduction equipment, else you may find yourself prey for a dangerous Salamander or Kasa. At the deepest part of the volcano you can find the powerful Ifrit. Bounty Board Expansion We have added 92 more monsters to the bounty boards in the Titan hub. We have condensed the boards into two sections: Low level bounties with 50 kills per turn-in (levels 1-60) and high level bounties with 100 kills per turn-in (levels 50-99). You can take all the bounties at once, or take bounties for individual monsters. Bounties are now turned in at the Bounty Hunter NPC in the Titan hub. We have also removed many unused lower-level bounties such as Rocker, Skeleton, Ambernite, etc. Near some dungeon entrances you can find bounty boards for the monsters in those dungeons. These boards will allow you to pick up hunting quests on your way into a dungeon, so that you can turn them in when you finish your hunts. Dungeon bounty boards are available at the following, and we may add more locations depending on how the feature is received: Abyss Lake Amatsu Dungeon Biolabs Gonryun Dungeon Ice Dungeon Kiel Dungeon Magma Dungeon Odin Temple Rachel Sanctuary Thanatos Tower Turtle Island Lovely Costume Egg Our love-themed costume egg is now available and features the following costume options: Costume Maximilian Von Babe Costume Proof of Peace Costume Ceremonial Coronet Costume White Cat Costume Wonderful Beast Ears Costume Lovely Feeling Costume Fairy Feathers Costume Warg In Mouth Costume Love Piece Costume Love Balloons Miscellaneous Fixes Card suffixes now display correctly.
  8. On December 15 after War of Emperium we will be having our first recorded Community Roundtable / Q&A discussion where staff is around to answer pre-written and live questions and comments to talk about TitanRO past, present, and future. This event is open to all current TitanRO players, former TitanRO players, and anyone interested in the server. View event in your local timezone: http://bit.ly/2zBFH4t We will be streaming and recording the discussion on Twitch and discord. If you can't make the time and you'd like to leave a question or comment for us to talk about, please add a reply to this thread or send me a direct message in the forum or discord.
  9. Happy Thanksgiving, TitanRO! Due to the US Holiday and several staff traveling, we are not having a regular maintenance this week. We'll be back next week as usual, and are very excited to be working on our next major content update releasing on December 6: Rachel town and Rachel Sanctuary Ice Dungeon Winter holiday event begins Socket Enchant NPCs In the meantime, here is a nice article about MMO games in general and how they teach us to be thankful for the positive opportunities and successes we experience in MMOs: https://massivelyop.com/2018/11/21/perfect-ten-how-mmos-teach-us-to-be-thankful
  10. As announced, every 2 months we'll rotate which castles are available, to allow the WoE rewards to cycle through castle-specific treasures. For our rotation on Saturday, we're switching to the following 2 castles: aldeg_cas02 Hohenschwangau (access to Aldebaran + Payon guild dungeons) prtg_cas02 Swanhild (access to Prontera + Geffen guild dungeons) We think this will continue to encourage large and active fights in one primary castle, and also have a secondary castle where smaller skirmishes will take place. The next castle rotation will take place the first week of January.
  11. TitanRO Rebirth Rebirth is now available in TitanRO! Characters of 2-1 and 2-2 jobs who have reached 99/50 can transcend by speaking with the Valkyrie in Yuno, and be reborn as a High Novice. Progress through your first jobs as normal, then return to Valkyrie to become a transcendent class! High novices and first job transcendent classes can be recognized by their unique sprites: Odin Temple From Hugel, you can now travel to the island of Odin's Temple where you will find high level angels and demons to fight. Are you strong enough to face the Valkyries of Odin Temple? Mechanics Changes Hunter traps (Blast Mine, Claymore Trap, and Land Mine) now have a 0.8 second variable cast time, up from instant cast. Enchant Deadly Poison damage multiplier reduced from 400% to 300%. Enchant Deadly Poison no longer has a 50% penalty on Soul Destroyer and Sonic Blow. Item/Drop Changes Any remaining 11.1, 11.2, and 11.3 drops are added. Monsters now drop items from these episodes. Some examples of this are: Ballista from Dracula and Red Silk Seal from White Lady. Episode 12 and later items no longer drop from monsters. Some examples of this are: Rogue's Treasure and Eye of Dullahan no longer drop. Existing versions of these items are considered "legacy" and will remain otherwise unobtainable until we add the content back. Pocket Watch and Double Bound had dropped from Guild Dungeon monsters and have been removed. The owners have been compensated with an Old Purple Box. Miscellaneous Changes The Valkyrie no longer requires that you carry exactly 1,285,000z to rebirth. Hunter job change has moved to Hugel (no longer in Payon). Blacksmith job change has moved to Einbroch (no longer in Geffen).
  12. Guild Package Our second announcement for our Road to Rebirth (coming on October 12th, 2018) is we are now offering a Guild Package for new guilds to the server! Our guild package is designed to interest guilds interested in joining our WoE scene, without creating permanent items in the economy. We want to get those new guilds focused on leveling their characters for WoE, so we are offering rental WoE gear and supplies. The guild package consists of: A level 6 guild Access to #roundtable on Discord For each player: 150 battlegrounds tokens, redeemable for WoE or BG supplies. 30-day rental Unfrozen Coat (Marc Card) 30-day rental Cranial Guard (Thara Frog Card) To qualify for the guild package, we ask that you have a minimum of 12 players who are new to the server. To apply for the guild package, please post in the guild package thread with your guild name and list the character names of new players who will be joining the guild, or contact a member of TitanRO Staff on Discord. World Events: Invasions September 9th! This Sunday (September 9th) we will be having World Events all day long -- we have reports of monsters gathering to attack several towns, and we need your help to fight off the invasions! There is a global announcement when a World Event is about to begin. There is no experience loss for dying in towns, so be sure to show up! Events will run every few hours throughout the day. Achievement System and Titles Starting today, you can now earn rewards for completing character achievements! While you complete challenges such as reaching max level, or spending zeny while shopping, you can earn achievement points towards prizes such as a Gift Box, Old Purple Box, or even an Old Card Album. Some achievements also unlock titles for you to display next to your character name. Time to get sophisticated! To view your unlocked titles, or to change it, navigate to your Equipment Window (alt + Q): Other updates this week: Updated the dead branch and monster hunting tables to include the new monsters from Abyss Lake and Hugel fields. Disabled no-longer-used WoE castles from Rotation 1.
  13. As announced, every 2 months we'll rotate which castles are available, to allow the WoE rewards to cycle through castle-specific treasures. For our rotation on Saturday, we're switching to 2 castles: aldeg_cas01 Neuschwanstein (access to Aldebaran + Payon guild dungeons) gefg_cas01 Repherion (access to Geffen + Prontera guild dungeons) We think this will continue to encourage large and active fights in one primary castle, and also have a secondary castle where smaller skirmishes will take place. The next castle rotation will take place 3 weeks after rebirth/transcendent classes release.
  14. 1. Which loading screen(s) do you like the most? "War of Emperium" "Valkyrie" "3 characters" "Priest" "Cards"
  15. Art contest time! Our first Art Contest begins today! We are having a Loading Screen Contest for 2 weeks. Design a loading screen for TitanRO and your art can be featured in game! The top 5 designs will receive 10 Titan Tokens as a prize, so you can decide how you want to spend your reward -- at the stylist, costume box, or pure zeny profit The top 5 designs will be chosen by Trojal, and then we'll have a poll to decide the #1 winner! The top winner will receive a unique headgear in recognition of their creativity: Creative Convention Hat Details: Contest runs from 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-22, after which the top 5 entries will be chosen. Final images should be 640x480 .jpg format, 96-300 dpi bit depth. Top 5 winners receive 10 Titan Tokens, #1 winner receives a unique costume headgear. Each person can submit up to 3 entry images for the contest, but can only receive the prize of 10 Titan Tokens once.
  16. Please note that the localized times in our original post were off by 1 hour, WoE will still be 5pm-7pm Server Time (UTC), which is 6pm-8pm London time due to Daylight Saving Time. Currently the Staff guild owns the 4 castles. When WoE begins, we will release the 4 castles and monsters and boss monsters will spawn in all the castles. If nobody takes a castle by the end of WoE, the monsters will be killed and the Emperium will become free-for-all. The Emperium takes 1 damage per hit and can't be healed. In testing, it appears that costume headgears will be shown (not hidden) for this WoE. After WoE, all guild leaders (plus up to one co-leader) will be invited to a permanent #roundtable discussion channel in discord to talk about WoE balance, what went well, what went poorly, and ways to make WoE more fun. Any other questions regarding WoE, please let me know.
  17. War of Emperium will begin on Saturday July 7th, 2018 at 5pm-7pm server time. (https://bit.ly/2MN1qL8) 10a - 12p in Los Angeles 12p - 2p in Chicago 1p - 3p in New York 2p - 4p in São Paulo 6p - 8p in London 7p - 9p in Central Europe 1a - 3a on Sunday in Manila Each guild area will have 1 castle open, castle #3, for a total of 4 castles open for WoE. After the first WoE, we will invite guild leaders to join a group discussion on discord to discuss WoE balance and the guild vs guild meta. These castles will remain in rotation for 2 months, after which their investment will be reset and a new castle will be in rotation for each zone. The 2 months of investment will allow guilds to invest in particular castles, should they value the drops from a specific castle. We hope this will allow guilds to work towards creating god items after a year or more of WoE. Our common treasure box drops: http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1324 3 carat Diamond: 77.60% Yggdrasil Seed: 30.00% Yggdrasilberry: 25.00% Old Card Album: 10.00% Muffler[1]: 8.00% Shoes[1]: 8.00% Chain Mail[1]: 8.00% Buckler[1]: 8.00% See below for which castle is #3 in each zone: Luina #3 Nuernberg -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1329 Britoniah #3 Yesnelph -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1339 Balder #3 Holy Shadow -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1349 Valkyrie Realm #3 Fadhgrindh -- http://cp.titanro.net/?module=monster&action=view&id=1359
  18. For future content updates we have planned: August 22: August 15: August 8: August 1: New client release July 25: HIT/FLEE rebalance July 18: July 11: July 4: Drop rate increase WoE castles rotation June 27: Costume Egg 11 June 20: June 13: June 6: May 30: May 23: May 16: Costume Egg 11 May 9: May 2: WoE castles rotation April 25: April 18: April 11: Costume Egg 10 April 4: March 28: March 21: Nameless Island March 14: March 7: Costume Egg 9 Costume box "OPB" February 28: February 21: February 14: February 7: Veins and Thor's Volcano Bounty board monster expansion Costume Egg 8 January 31: January 24: New novice grounds launch January 17: Revamp novice grounds January 10: Winter holiday event ends Increase MVP experience January 3: Bounty board daily experience bonus Add Battlegrounds-gained costumes December 27: December 20: December 13: December 6: Rachel town and Rachel Sanctuary Ice Dungeon Winter holiday event begins Costume Egg 7 November 29: November 22: November 15: November 8: Halloween event ends November 1: WoE castles rotation Community Costume Egg October 25: October 18: October 11: Rebirth / transcendent classes Odin's Temple October 4: Halloween event begins September 27: Thanatos Tower Kiel Dungeon Costume Egg 5 September 20: September 13: September 6: WoE castles rotation August 30: Abyss Lake + Noghalt Cooking Costume Egg 4 August 23: Mobile client Daily login rewards August 16: Gunslinger Ninja Taekwon / Linker / TKM August 9: August 2: Lighthalzen and Biolabs dungeon 2-2 Platinum skill quests (including Homunculus) July 26: Costume Egg 3 July 19: Juperos Dungeon Sign Quest / Geffenia Remove Umbala Dungeon Enable Buying Shops July 12: July 5: War of Emperium (first WoE July 7th) June 28: Einbroch + Einbech towns Einbech Dungeon Related Einbroch fields + Yuno fields Costume Egg 2 June 21: Battlegrounds
  19. We are looking to recruit 4 volunteer ingame moderators for #main and other chat channels. We are looking to initially have 4 moderators across a variety of different timezones to help keep #main a positive or neutral space to chat. The moderators won't have a GM character, but will be promoted in Discord to a moderator group with access to a channel where they can chat with other moderators. Ideally they can resolve issues by talking to players who are being out of control or breaking the Social rules of the server (since that's what the GM does anyways). If issues escalate, they can /savechat conversations and we can handle longer term solutions (removal of privileges) as needed. If you're interested, please message Trojal in forums or in Discord that you're interested, and what timezone you're in.
  20. In consideration of the longevity of the server and so that we can add more bounty boards over time, we will be changing the bounty boards in maintenance #3 on Thursday June 7th: Fewer kills per turn in: lower level bounty boards especially make more sense with fewer kills, to avoid wasting the exp rewards, with max 1 level gain per turn in. makes multiclient/autofollow players spend more time traveling to and from the boards compared to before. Spotlight monster bounties will grant experience on their base, not spotlighted experience. as we unlock new dungeons, monsters, and bounty boards to the server, we want to keep the experience gain to a reasonable level. Adjusting exp reward to compensate for the lower turn in rate.
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