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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone. Yesterday, there was a Windows 10 update from Microsoft. Once updated, I could not run tRO.exe anymore. I ran it as Administrator directly and through Patchet too, but its the same. (Please see attached screenshot) The error is "The application was unable to start correctly (0xc00005). Click OK to close the application"" Does any of you have the same error, or someone knows how to fix it? I tried uninstalling the Windows 10 update and restart the machine, but it didnt work neither. Thanks.
  2. astyrah


    Hi i just started playing yesterday and so.. uhmm, these 2 quests never cleared the quest journal despite me completing them (one was from when you're a novice and the other one is the archer job change - i already tried talking to the relevant npcs to no avail). Is there any way an admin or game master can manually delete these from my character journal? hopefully the fix isn't "hiding" them on the third tab (On Hold) since it kinda triggers my ocd and doesn't really solve the issue lol i'd appreciate any help or response regarding this ^.^ my character and account names are the same as my display name
  3. Double Atack skill seems to crash anyone who is playing on mobile client. At first, I thought it was only happening to me, so I didn't think much of it... But I just tested it with a friend in the new client (v232), and as soon as Double Atack procced we both got our client to stop working. Note: Only I did Double Atack, and he was standing in my screen view. Is anyone else having this problem?
  4. Here are the bugs I've encountered so far as someone attempting to use the mobile version 234 as a main way of playing. - TitanRO Guide book has a bug when viewing the number of killed monster when you never ever yet killed any monster. - The Injured Swordsman that auto speaks with you at the beginning of the game prevents you from moving after you closed the dialogue until you relog. - The Izlude bridges are missing. - The Play Dead "death" sprite is not showing and instead your character just stands when using it. - Taming crashes the game with the error "Fatal Error OpenGL error: GL_INVALID_VALUE" - Can't sell from other player's "autobuy" merchants. (Not tested if I can buy from player merchants since I don't have enough zenny)
  5. When i open my game i get stucked in this Gepard Shield screen, can anyone help me?
  6. Carocc won't give a quest after leaving the islland. Also after the talk his image sticks to the screen. I've attached the replay, maybe it will help. 1.rrf
  7. As the title says. I've become a Merchant but still have the quest "Way to the Merchant" in the quest list. Is there any solution to delete it or the only option is to hide it?
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