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  1. Community Costume Egg Event For our next Costume Egg, we're collecting suggestions from players! If one of your suggestions is chosen, you will get one free costume of your choice from the Community Costume Egg. Details: Please limit yourself to 2 suggestions per person. When submitting costume suggestions, please include a link to the costume item (doesn't necessarily need to say costume) like this: https://www.divine-pride.net/database/item/20515/costume-magic-circle. You can submit suggestions as a reply to this post. Suggestions will be closed on Tuesday evening Oct 30 so that we can prepare the patch in time for Thursday night. At least 5 of the costumes will be from player suggestions (up to 10). Staff members are ineligible for a costume reward. Also in today's updates: Fixed an issue with MATK damage sometimes reaching 0 due to our modified MATK calculation. Edit: Congratulations to the 10 headgear winners for our first Community Costume Egg contest! They will each get to choose any of the headgears from this egg to receive as a prize. @qmfnrkrwith Fish Head Hat: @mrniceguywith Dragoon Helm: @zimonzimonwith Antique Pipe: @sirjonxxxwith Giant Helm: @Charlie Loves Uwith Shiba Inu: @Bathazardwith Fallen Angel Blessing: @DENSETSU NOwith Imp Hat: @Guilliamwith Round Eyes: @Cyraawith Flying Galapago: @Tsukiwith Cat Ear Cape:
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