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Found 1 result

  1. Hi! There is no other Swordsman topic opened, and there have been some questions floating around #main in regards to stats and skills, so I'm going to link a couple of skill builds and give a brief overview of key sword related skills as well as listing some good starter stat builds. This will be mostly WoE oriented, and will receive an update when trans classes are released to keep up with the changing meta. Swords and you volume 1: A guide for the slightly dim Rule #1 of using a sword, the pointy end goes toward the bad guy. Also, on Tuesdays we get free tacos in the chow hall. That may sound ridiculous to you now, but when your afternoons are spent locked in mortal combat with pastel shaded abominations a free taco buffet is like a tiny bright spot in a sea of indifferent pixels. Now, taking a look at the swordie skills attachment we have a couple of things of interest to note. First, the two masteries I'd like to point out that they are optional but personally I find the +40 atk to be helpful given that we're revoclassic and every boost to atk helps during skill damage calculations. Why 1h Mastery? Well, sometimes a sword and board is needed to keep yourself alive, the extra damage reduction from a carded shield can make a big difference. It is a mastery at the end of the day though, and not everyone would agree with using the points on it but I find myself switching between 1h and 2h weapons frequently during WoE and even when farming pixel derps in a random dungeon any given day. As far as the other skills go, Magnum is just fine at level 3, it can be used to give yourself a temporary attack boost and increase damage of other skills. Provoke should be increased to level 10 either as a Knight, or if you don't want to use the masteries, it can be leveled early. Either way it's your best PvE tool to increase single target damage and can interrupt enemy skills during WoE. Increase hp recovery does exactly what it says, and you should get it to 10 yesterday. Endure, unfortunately, is bad. Like, dumpster fire bad. Get level 1 for prereq and keep it keyed to move in the clutch, but keep in mind it only lasts for 7 hits regardless of skill level. As I mentioned, dumpster fire. Just don't let yourself get pushed into a corner and time your endure before the wave of mobs hits or you'll waste it and get pinned. Having to deal with Endure sucks but keep your chin up, prize fighter. Spear Dynamo changes the pulling dynamic entirely so you have things to look forward to. Swords and You Volume 2: What's a Gutter line? This is my Peco Peco. There are many like it, but this one is mine. My Peco Peco is my best friend. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me, my Peco Peco is useless. Without my Peco Peco, I am useless. I must ride my Peco Peco swiftly. I must Bowling Bash the heart of the enemy stack and see my foes melt away like weird butter, I will... In the Knight attachment the skills progress along the Bowling Bash skill line. Bowling Bash is slightly nerfed on this server with only 400%x2 skill damage rather than 500%x2, but the absence of gutter lines more than makes up for that (in theory) but personally I haven't gotten my first Knight yet so I will check that out soon and edit this. Compulsory skills include peco ride and cavalier mastery, if you are not mounted as a Knight you are not utilizing your mobility, and that is one of your greatest strengths. Thankfully most of the other skills are optional, but if you feel like being unique, Spear Boomerang is our singular option in a true ranged attack until Charge and has some utility in WoE. Counter Attack suffers from being unable to block skill damage, and is thus not keyed most of the time. The other skill in the same row with the self explanatory name increases aspd, and the related delays following skill usage are reduced with 2H Quicken active; keep it on at all times. It is your second best friend alongside your unblinking, loud avian companion. And now for some numbers: SVD Build STR: 70-90 AGI: 1-40 VIT: 90 INT: 1-30 DEX: 40-60 LUK: 1-20 This is a range of stats for the standard Str Vit Dex Knight, note vit is 90 for stun immune purposes, if stun immunity is not required then vit can be reduced or eliminated entirely in favor of a glass cannon build. Luk is an excellent spillover stat and should be considered before dumping anywhere else, like in int. Int is very optional, and should only be considered if SP is a real issue and all other stats are taken care of, and maybe also if you're bored. I personally wouldn't try it unless I were also carrying around an extra pair of Sohee boots just for ass time and even then, probably not. I hope you like swords enough to read some of this, because I like them enough to write it. This isn't exhaustive information in any way, I plan to add more, specifically after the trans update drops. Check out iro wiki for detailed skill info, particularly the Provoke page for some neat info that will improve your WoE game. Happy smashing, and please feel free to add extra builds/comments, maybe we can get a sticky going.
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