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Found 2 results

  1. Here are my suggestions based on what I've observed so far when using the mobile version 234 as a main way of playing. - Enable rotate camera when creating a new character. - Make the TitanRO Guidebook usable when sitting as it takes slightly more effort to sit and stand in mobile compared to PC. - Enable basic chat commands like /sit and /stand and other basic functionality found in PC. - Enable a way to get rid of the Cash Shop icon especially since it is not even used in this server. - Enable Map Indicators as some quest require you to find locations on the minimap. - Add at least basic simplified WOE effects to let players know on what is even happening more clearly.
  2. Here are the bugs I've encountered so far as someone attempting to use the mobile version 234 as a main way of playing. - TitanRO Guide book has a bug when viewing the number of killed monster when you never ever yet killed any monster. - The Injured Swordsman that auto speaks with you at the beginning of the game prevents you from moving after you closed the dialogue until you relog. - The Izlude bridges are missing. - The Play Dead "death" sprite is not showing and instead your character just stands when using it. - Taming crashes the game with the error "Fatal Error OpenGL error: GL_INVALID_VALUE" - Can't sell from other player's "autobuy" merchants. (Not tested if I can buy from player merchants since I don't have enough zenny)