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  1. King of Emperium For our September WoE rotation we are running the King of Emperium mode! King of Emperium plays similar to regular War of Emperium except faster paced, without the castle. For this map (guild_vs1) there are 4 random warp-in points around the outer edge of the map. How do I join? To join the King of Emperium battle, talk to The King NPC in Prontera or the Titan Hub area. When is King of Emperium? King of Emperium runs for 30 minutes on Saturday, from 18:15 to 18:45 server time. You can double check the King of Emperium start time in the Titan Guide. How do I win? What is the prize? The guild that owns the Emperium when King of Emperium ends will be the winner for the week. The winning guild will get access to: A private guild area in the Titan Hub with a Kafra and Tool Dealer. 5 Treasure Box per day, chosen randomly from all castles. Access to Prontera and Geffen guild dungeons. P.S.: There will be announcements 15 minutes and 5 minutes before KoE begins, and announcements 10 minutes and 5 minutes before KoE ends. This is our first time running King of Emperium, we hope you like it! We're eager to run KoE, and tweak the rewards / times as necessary. We plan to rotate which maps are used for KoE if it continues to be a popular WoE mode.
  2. HIT/FLEE rebalance Today's maintenance updates the hit/flee values for monsters to account for our max level 99 system, as opposed to previous values which (especially for MVPs) were based on a max level 175 scale. We have switched to classic AGI/DEX for monsters, which has various nerfs and buffs on monsters -- the biggest effect is more attainable hit/flee for MVPs, but some monsters are also harder to hit or flee. As always, you can view the HIT/FLEE needed for various monsters by using the @mi (@monsterinfo) command followed by the monster's name or ID. Biggest nerfs: 1) Assassin Cross Eremes (MVP): 157 easier to HIT, 216 easier to FLEE 2) Gloom Under Night (MVP): 108 easier to HIT, 251 easier to FLEE 3) Sniper Shecil (MVP): 78 easier to HIT, 271 easier to FLEE 4) Bacsojin (MVP): 179 easier to HIT, 144 easier to FLEE 5) Ygnizem (MVP): 117 easier to HIT, 168 easier to FLEE Biggest buffs: 1) Anopheles: 140 harder to HIT, 14 harder to FLEE 2) Teddy Bear: 74 harder to HIT, 39 harder to FLEE 3) Zenorc: 59 harder to HIT, 48 harder to FLEE 4) Kraben: 92 harder to HIT, 7 harder to FLEE 5) Thanatos Despero (Miniboss): 71 harder to HIT, 24 harder to FLEE Save the Mandragora Some classes have to hunt materials in order to use certain skills. Many of these materials can be purchased, some must be obtained from killing monsters. Stems are time consuming but not interesting to obtain. We have reduced the requirement for brewing Alcohol from 5 Stems to 2 Stems.
  3. In today's maintenance we have a new client version, with our largest update since launch! This brings many improvements, but just to mention a few: Improved dye selections Better dye options for all classes. Increased number of dye choices to 260, up from 77. Stylist now costs 2 Titan Tokens to unlock, down from 10 Titan Tokens. Improved party menu You can use floating party member icons for easy targeting, and locking them in place works correctly. Fast fly wing / refresh Tired of waiting for the screen to fade in from black while fly winging around? Now you can teleport and instantly see the area where you land. Fast autofollow Autofollowing characters will now update their pathing 5x faster. Loot auras Dropped cards from monsters show a beam of light highlighting their location. Added overhead labels to ferry / airship / warper NPCs. Improved character select interface color contrast. Fixed issue with switching accounts. Fixed an issue with pathfinding through allies. New full installer available, with Windows uninstall support. TitanROSetup.exe Costume Egg 13 Costume Egg 13 is available for purchase through the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. It randomly contains one of the following costume items: Costume Sorcerer Hood Costume Ancient Gold Costume Bubble Headband Costume Antenna Ears Costume MVP Costume Black Frame Glasses Costume Master Of Water Costume Foxtail Costume Golden Bell Costume Happiness Wings Miscellaneous Updates Removed Lucifer's Lament item from Arrow Crafting option. Updated Guide NPCs locations Added support for navigation system in NPC dialog. Due to the large client update, there may be client-side issues with skill descriptions, quest descriptions, etc. Please report any issues you encounter.
  4. Today's maintenance brings a few miscellaneous updates: Corrected item drops from Christmas Cookie monster. It was incorrectly still dropping some items from winter holidays. Renamed Airship Representative to Warp Representative in the Titan Hub area. Warp options are now sorted alphabetically. The warper is less chatty, fewer screens before getting to the warp options. Removed payg_cas01 castle from May / June WoE rotation.
  5. TitanRO now has 5x drop rates, up from 3x! We are still using a custom drop rate formula which is based on rolling 5 times to get the item from a given monster, rather than a direct multiplier. For rare drop rates they are equivalent, but item drop rates don't reach 100% with this method. We chose to increase the drop rates on Titan after seeing other servers with drop rates closer to the experience multipliers, some even with higher drop rate than experience. While we increased the overall drop rates, we nerfed the way that spotlights affect drop rate of items. Now it doubles the number of effective rolls at getting an item instead of doubling the chance. For some examples of how this changes things, see the followup post. July/August WoE rotation - Payon 4 For July/August, we are rotating to Sacred Altar, payg_cas04. This castle has linked guild dungeon access to both Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons. For this castle we have not changed the flag-in point, which brings you to 2 rooms before the emp room.
  6. To celebrate Pride month and summer, our newest costume egg has plenty of fun, colorful options! In the Titan Guide you can buy Costume Egg #12 for 10 Titan Tokens, which contains one of the following at random: Costume Lush Rose Costume Dog Officer Costume Rainbow Costume Devoted Eyes Costume Valhalla Idol Costume Scratching Cat Costume Poring Muffler Costume Fan In Mouth Costume Watermelon Slice Costume Giant White Cat Miscellaneous Updates When you are protected by a Crusader's Devotion skill, you will now show status icons if you are affected by Autoguard/Shield Reflect.
  7. War of Emperium Statistics This week we have a new page released in the control panel for War of Emperium statistics! Ever wonder how much damage you did, or what killed you? Now you can look at a detailed view of any character in WoE and see a breakdown of their performance. To find these new stats, simply visit the Control Panel and choose Information > WoE Statistics. http://cp.titanro.net/?module=woe_stats Miscellaneous Updates Due to complaints from the Eden Kafra Service Provider, we have asked Mokona (pantie-signing NPC) to stand further from the Kafra. Due to a client issue, we have temporarily disabled reading books during a quest (such as nameless quest). The quests will continue as normal, just without opening the book text.
  8. Now that TitanRO is over a year old, we have a few updates, changes, and fixes for this week's maintenance. Top rankings for Alchemist, Blacksmith, and Taekwon characters now only include characters that have logged in during the past 90 days. If a character falls off the ranking due to inactivity, they keep their points for when they come back. Maximum time to keep an @autotrade shop is updated to 30 days from 7 days. This should still keep inactive players from keeping vends open "forever" but make it a little easier to list rare or hard-to-find items. When leaving the novice gardens, your equipment is no longer removed.
  9. This month we have TitanRO's 1 year birthday! To celebrate, this costume egg is our Anniversary Costume Egg -- available for 10 Titan Tokens through the Titan Guide, this egg will randomly grant one of the following costumes: Costume Ifrit Breath Costume Jumping Poring Costume Skull Cap Costume Rainbow Wing Ears Costume Yggdrasil Crown Costume Party Poring Hat Costume Reginleif Wings Costume Anniversary Star Hat Costume Black Devil Mask Costume Floating Ice Miscellaneous Fixes Addressed issue with Battlegrounds Happy Hour missing the guaranteed start at the end of WoE.
  10. May / June WoE castle rotation It's that time again -- we're switching to a new WoE configuration for a 2 month period. The WoE castle for May / June is payg_cas01, 'Bright Arbor'. This castle has linked guild dungeon access, able to access both Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons. Due to popular request among WoE guilds, we're moving the flag-in point further from the emp room. The new flag-in point is in green, the old flag-in point is in blue: Mobile Client Update There is an update for the mobile client to update GepardShield protections. Please make sure you are running version 248 on the download page. Miscellaneous Updates BG Happy Hour now starts at minute 0 of the hour instead of minute 59 of the hour. This means BG happy hour would trigger at 6:00 instead of 5:59.
  11. Today's maintenance fixes a couple of Gunslinger related issues. There were two types of Silver Bullets (holy ammo) available from vendors that didn't stack. One type cost 15z each and one cost 5z. All merchants now sell only the 5z type of Silver Bullet. Fixed Gunslinger skill tree in client. Now when allocating skill points, it will automatically add skill points to the required skills.
  12. Today's update addresses a couple of issues to do with miniboss and boss monster slaves. Summoned slaves will now be aggressive if their master is aggressive. Previously they were passive by default. Several monsters were not resummoning their slaves after their initial spawn. The following monsters now continue to resummon slaves after their initial spawn: Mastering Angeling Ghostring Archangeling Deviling Skeggiold
  13. Spring Costume Egg Our spring costume egg brings several cute costumes for you to mix and match. Purchase one today through the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. Costume Drooping Bunny Costume Rabbit Earmuffs Costume Amistr Beret Costume Tuxedo Rabbit Costume Pigeon On Shoulder Costume Lunatic Ears Costume Strawberry In Mouth Costume Four Leaf Clover Costume Exploding Gum Costume Black Cat Hat Miscellaneous Updates Added missing gun and ammo vendor to Izlude weapon shop.
  14. Today's update brings the following changes: Miscellaneous fixes Dying to the Zombie Slaughter during the Nameless Island Entrance Quest will no longer cause experience loss. Energy Coat now reduces damage from Acid Demonstration skill.
  15. Song refresh change Today's update brings a quality-of-life improvement to bard/dancer songs. Now if you walk into the area of a song, you will always get the full refreshed duration of the buff. Previously there was a timer on the song area, and you could miss the timer that re-applied the buff. Updated navigation files The navigation system has been updated to include Nameless Island / Cursed Abbey monsters and maps. Miscellaneous updates Fixed an error in Curse of Gaebolg / Dandelion Request that would sometimes prevent people from entering a quest area. Corrected the item description for Necktie[1]. Fixed some translation errors for Amatsu dungeon entrance quest.
  16. Nameless Island A mysterious island off the coast of the Arunafeltz Peninsula. The island may appear charmingly beautiful under the sunlight, but its true nature is revealed after the sun sets: eerie groans can be heard over the walls of the monastery where visiting Monks and Priests have inexplicably vanished. The truth and the terror of the monastery will be revealed in the darkness of the night. Today's content update brings Nameless Island and the Cursed Abbey dungeon. Be very careful should you be on the island at night, for the abbey is home to many undead and demon monsters. To gain access to Nameless Island, you must complete the Nameless Island Entrance Quest (wiki link). Before starting this quest you must also complete the Curse of Gaebolg quest (wiki link). Once you have discovered the secrets of how to access the island, you will be able to take a boat near Veins to bring you there. Updated OBB, OPB, OCA, DB for Nameless Island content. Rescued a Guildsman NPC who fell in the water in Izlude. Removed zoom/rotation restrictions on some maps: Juperos maps Thor Volcano 2nd floor Veins entrance Cursed Abbey Lore source: irowiki.org
  17. Old Costume Box Now available in the Token Shop in the Titan Guide is the Old Costume Box. This item costs 15 Titan Tokens and randomly contains one previously-released costume box -- it does not include those currently available. Costume Egg 9 Costume Egg 9 costs 10 Titan Tokens in the Token Shop in the Titan Guide, and randomly contains one of the following costumes: Costume Balloon Hat Costume Cherry Blossom Bells Costume Ifrit Mask Costume Crow Mask Costume Mermaid Headphones Costume Laphine Ears Costume Cherry Twig In Mouth Costume Fluttering Cherry Blossom Costume Book of Magic Costume Piamette Ribbon Battlegrounds Happy Hour BG Happy Hour will always run for 1 hour at the end of War of Emperium. Happy hour reduces the minimum team size from 5->3 and limits the maps to Capture the Flag and Stone Control.
  18. March/April WoE rotation The WoE rotation for March and April will be 1 castle Bamboo Grove Hill (payg_cas05), with access to Payon and Aldebaran guild dungeons. We will continue with the 1 hour WoE duration for March and April. Teleporting in Clock Tower fix You can no longer land in an OnTouch NPC area when using Teleport skill. This is most notable when teleporting around Clock Tower basement, you'll no longer land on an exit portal and need to use more keys to get back in.
  19. Navigation System Update Today's maintenance updates the navigation system to include the new content areas such as Thor Volcano and Veins. This update also fixes a long-standing issue with our navigation system, which now includes boss type monsters in the navigation. Bounty Board Fixes Clock tower dungeon bounty board now correctly lists Clock tower monsters instead of Kiel Dungeon monsters. Added a Kiel Dungeon bounty board. Snowier bounty can now be turned in at the Bounty Hunter.
  20. Bounty Board Updates The Bounty Hunter will now tell you if the daily bounty bonus is available, and if not, how much time is left until it resets: The Bounty board monsters are now in alphabetical order. You can now turn in old, completed bounties from before the bounty board expansion update. Some examples of removed bounties that you may have completed and can now turn in are Harpy, Skeleton, or Chonchon.
  21. Veins Veins is located in a canyon in the southern part of the country near the dangerous Volcano Thor. The local geologist is studying the Volcano, and may be in need of assistance from passing adventurers. The town is famous for its wonderfully smelling soap. Today's content update opens the city of Veins, Thor Volcano, and surrounding fields for travelers in the Arunafeltz region. In the deserts around Veins, you will find plenty of Stapo, Side Winders, and even some Magmarings around Thor Volcano. Thor Volcano According to legend, Thor fought a fierce battle with evil fire spirits and hammered them down with such force that the earth itself was wounded and shed burning blood, thus creating Thor Volcano. No one can ascertain the truth of this story, but it is quite believable: the volcano's caves are teeming with mysterious fire spirit monsters that attack adventurers that may be seeking shelter from the rain and typhoons outside. In Thor Volcano you will find very dangerous monsters wielding strong fire attacks. Anyone venturing near would be advised to be well-prepared with fire reduction equipment, else you may find yourself prey for a dangerous Salamander or Kasa. At the deepest part of the volcano you can find the powerful Ifrit. Bounty Board Expansion We have added 92 more monsters to the bounty boards in the Titan hub. We have condensed the boards into two sections: Low level bounties with 50 kills per turn-in (levels 1-60) and high level bounties with 100 kills per turn-in (levels 50-99). You can take all the bounties at once, or take bounties for individual monsters. Bounties are now turned in at the Bounty Hunter NPC in the Titan hub. We have also removed many unused lower-level bounties such as Rocker, Skeleton, Ambernite, etc. Near some dungeon entrances you can find bounty boards for the monsters in those dungeons. These boards will allow you to pick up hunting quests on your way into a dungeon, so that you can turn them in when you finish your hunts. Dungeon bounty boards are available at the following, and we may add more locations depending on how the feature is received: Abyss Lake Amatsu Dungeon Biolabs Gonryun Dungeon Ice Dungeon Kiel Dungeon Magma Dungeon Odin Temple Rachel Sanctuary Thanatos Tower Turtle Island Lovely Costume Egg Our love-themed costume egg is now available and features the following costume options: Costume Maximilian Von Babe Costume Proof of Peace Costume Ceremonial Coronet Costume White Cat Costume Wonderful Beast Ears Costume Lovely Feeling Costume Fairy Feathers Costume Warg In Mouth Costume Love Piece Costume Love Balloons Miscellaneous Fixes Card suffixes now display correctly.
  22. Rachel Sanctuary Opened Characters have contributed 250,000,000z to the priestesses in Rachel, so now the Rachel Sanctuary dungeon is now accessible. The priestesses Nemma and Panno are both hugely thankful for your contributions. Izlude Fixes Re-added the refining NPCs to Izlude, including the bulk Rough Oridecon/Rough Elunium refiner. Removed unused Channel Warper NPC. Moved Scamps NPC out of the water. Miscellaneous Fixes Characters no longer receive quest credit for kills when they are dead. This primarily affects bounty board hunting quests and is an important step before our bounty board expansion update scheduled for next week.
  23. Updated Criatura Academy Today we launch the updated New Character Experience which redesigns the Criatura Academy quest line to have more focus on fighting monsters and less focus on walking around the Academy maps. Battle Instructor Subino will now warp you to the Novice Gardens where you can complete quests for the class trainers to level up to job 10. Once you have reached job level 10, you can speak with one of the class trainers or take the Class Aptitude Test to get a helpful warp towards your 1st job change area. Level Up Box With the new novice grounds, we are adding Level Up Boxes to enable new characters to have an easier time finding weapons and armor to equip. The untradable equipment from these boxes sell for 0z, and have weight 0. Novices who register for the new Criatura Academy will receive the first Level Up Box, which can be opened from level 1.
  24. Testing New Player Experience This week we are finalizing our New Player Experience on the Test Server. We welcome everyone to help us test out the new experience by creating a test server character and walking through the new experience. We have removed the starting boat and island, and most of the Criatura Academy NPCs have been removed, as well as completely removing the 2nd floor. Characters will start their journey learning the basics, continue to the Academy, and from there can speak with Battle Instructor Subino to reach the new Novice Gardens. The Novice Gardens have Job Guide NPCs for each of the 6 basic classes who will let you borrow a skill manual to try out skills from each job. There is a Beginner Field, Intermediate Field, and an Advanced Field, each having different groups of monsters. In these fields you may run into friendly NPCs also fighting monsters or providing helpful skills. When you're ready to job change, talk to the relevant Guide NPC or talk to Cream Puff to take a personality quiz. Miscellaneous Updates Corrected Spectral Spear self-confuse rate to 10% from 100% chance. Add Novice Gardens maps (client-side and server-side). Updated monster AI for targetting allied players based on active status effects.
  25. Winter Event Ends Our Winter Event has ended. Winter Prontera has returned to normal, the event monsters have gone away, and the quests and item bonuses have terminated. Miscellaneous Fixed an issue with some reflected damage applying before the incoming attack was completed. Removed town flags from November/December WoE castles. Boss monster experience increased Our newest feature from our Community Roundtable / Q&A discussion is that we've gone through and updated the experience rewards for boss monsters. Something like Orc Lord giving the same experience rewards as 17 High Orc kills didn't feel very rewarding. The minimum increase was no change and the maximum increases were Amon Ra at +2822% experience (436k to 12.7 million) and Dark Lord at +2199% experience (329k to 7.6 million) Ktullanux: (+160% exp) 35,336,000 bexp up from 13,600,250 14,550,110 jexp up from 5,600,100 Valkyrie Randgris: (+125% exp) 32,104,800 bexp up from 14,274,500 35,024,359 jexp up from 15,572,600 Lord Knight Seyren: no change 24,178,000 bexp 7,849,850 jexp High Priest Magaleta: no change 21,285,000 bexp 6,594,000 jexp Sniper Shecil: no change 20,465,000 bexp 7,630,000 jexp Assassin Cross Eremes: no change 20,417,000 bexp 7,961,900 jexp High Wizard Katrinn: no change 20,041,000 bexp 8,183,500 jexp Whitesmith Harword: no change 20,011,700 bexp 7,105,000 jexp Thanatos: no change 18,330,000 bexp 10,725,300 jexp Amon Ra: (+2822% exp) 12,748,449 bexp up from 436,320 5,243,337 jexp up from 179,455 Kiel D-01: no change 11,781,000 bexp 2,563,010 jexp Baphomet: (+1395% exp) 8,016,000 bexp up from 536,250 2,832,320 jexp up from 189,475 Detale: (+426% exp) 7,680,000 bexp up from 1,459,250 3,244,731 jexp up from 616,520 Dark Lord: (+2199% exp) 7,560,000 bexp up from 328,900 5,176,957 jexp up from 225,225 Orc Lord: (+2166% exp) 7,047,000 bexp up from 311,025 972,000 jexp up from 42,900 Vesper: (+573% exp) 6,727,350 bexp up from 1,000,000 3,363,675 jexp up from 500,000 Lord the Dead: (+865% exp) 6,335,522 bexp up from 656,715 2,090,809 jexp up from 216,725 Atroce: (+309% exp) 6,050,520 bexp up from 1,477,750 2,434,027 jexp up from 594,475 Lady Tanee: (+1265% exp) 4,437,000 bexp up from 324,975 2,950,627 jexp up from 216,110 Osiris: (+1120% exp) 4,361,700 bexp up from 357,500 1,744,680 jexp up from 143,000 RSX-0806: (+2070% exp) 3,364,398 bexp up from 155,050 3,473,000 jexp up from 160,055 Dracula: (+300% exp) 2,400,720 bexp up from 600,785 776,617 jexp up from 194,350 Evil Snake Lord: (+1239% exp) 2,294,937 bexp up from 171,440 1,201,415 jexp up from 89,750 White Lady: (+907% exp) 2,278,989 bexp up from 226,250 828,243 jexp up from 82,225 Mistress: (+1032% exp) 2,226,000 bexp up from 196,625 1,537,964 jexp up from 135,850 Pharaoh: (+249% exp) 2,006,987 bexp up from 574,950 731,287 jexp up from 209,495 Samurai Specter: (+1089% exp) 1,967,868 bexp up from 165,475 1,083,026 jexp up from 91,070 Turtle General: (+2014% exp) 1,924,200 bexp up from 91,010 1,035,994 jexp up from 49,000 Doppelganger: (+626% exp) 1,867,500 bexp up from 257,400 389,063 jexp up from 53,625 Orc Hero: (+499% exp) 1,757,100 bexp up from 293,150 985,690 jexp up from 164,450 Drake: (+928% exp) 1,469,997 bexp up from 143,000 1,175,998 jexp up from 114,400 Stormy Knight: (+348% exp) 1,440,000 bexp up from 321,750 480,000 jexp up from 107,250 Ygnizem: no change 1,293,800 bexp 430,000 jexp Tao Gunka: (+291% exp) 1,158,000 bexp up from 295,875 204,399 jexp up from 52,225 Maya: (+373% exp) 1,014,000 bexp up from 214,500 422,500 jexp up from 89,375 Eddga: (+447% exp) 684,000 bexp up from 125,125 351,771 jexp up from 64,350 Hatii: (+136% exp) 591,000 bexp up from 250,250 236,400 jexp up from 100,100 Phreeoni: (+251% exp) 564,000 bexp up from 160,875 288,267 jexp up from 82,225 Moonlight Flower: (+162% exp) 360,000 bexp up from 137,500 187,200 jexp up from 71,500 Golden Thief Bug: (+164% exp) 189,000 bexp up from 71,500 94,500 jexp up from 35,750 Other bosses included in this update Satan Morroc: (+320% exp) 75,500,000 bexp up from 18,000,000 63,000,000 jexp up from 15,000,000 Ifrit: (+339% exp) 69,300,000 bexp up from 15,771,605 68,425,577 jexp up from 15,572,600 Beelzebub: (+100% exp) 66,666,660 bexp up from 33,333,330 66,666,660 jexp up from 33,333,330 Nidhoggr's Shadow: (+15% exp) 27,600,000 bexp up from 24,000,000 22,425,000 jexp up from 19,500,000 Fallen Bishop: (+380% exp) 26,666,664 bexp up from 5,555,555 26,666,664 jexp up from 5,555,555 Gloom Under Night: (+330% exp) 20,682,000 bexp up from 4,810,875 5,942,199 jexp up from 1,382,225 Boitata: (+3011% exp) 11,555,910 bexp up from 371,440 12,125,554 jexp up from 389,750 Gopinich: (+694% exp) 1,795,926 bexp up from 226,250 652,685 jexp up from 82,225
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