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Found 24 results

  1. This week's content update brings access to Rachel town, Rachel Sanctuary, Ice Dungeon, and surrounding fields. Rachel Rachel is the capital of the Arunafeltz States, serving as the nation's center for both politics and religion. Despite the everyday bustle of a heavy populated area, visitors commonly experience an atmosphere of quiet and calm. This sense of serenity is partially attributed to the natural beauty, the savanna fields and green grasslands that surround Rachel, but it is mostly accredited to the centered, gentle demeanor of Rachel's citizenry. Ice Dungeon At the northern region of the Arunafeltz lies a vast frozen tundra. This barren land holds little life beyond a handful of carnivorous plants. They say though, hidden somewhere here is a mysterious cave of solid ice. Within the caves are an assortment of ice monsters. Within the deepest depths of the cave lies a great magic seal bound by Thor's everlasting fire, and protected by the great Ice Salamander Ktullanux. What secret might be hidden here? Rachel Sanctuary Rachel Sanctuary requires donations and a quest before players can access it. Donations totaling 250,000,000z need to be reached before Rachel Sanctuary dungeon can be entered. Players can donate 50,000z at a time, and a have a chance of receiving one of the following: Mastela Fruit: 39% Yggdrasil Seed: 12% Yggdrasil Berry: 12% Blue Potion: 11% Dead Branch: 8% Gift Box: 7% Royal Jelly: 5% Honey: 5% Titan Token: 0.4% Old Blue Box: 0.3% Old Violet Box: 0.2% Old Card Album: 0.1% Socket Enchant TitanRO now has the master craftsmen Seiyablem and Leablem available to work on adding sockets to items for adventurers in need. Each of the craftsmen can attempt to upgrade different items, and rarer items have both a higher cost and a lower chance of success. Failure breaks the original item, so be careful! For more information on which items can be upgraded, and locations of the craftsmen, see https://irowiki.org/wiki/Socket_Enchant Card Remover NPC For rare cards (or rare equipment), there is a now a card remover NPC available in the TitanRO Hub area, in the room to the right of the main lobby. The Wise Old Woman charges 1,000,000z per card in the item per attempt, with a 4% chance to succeed at removing all the cards from the item. Winter Event Across Rune-Midgard there are many holiday themed monsters, such as Christmas Goblin, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Cookie, and Antonio. These monsters drop items such as Candy, Wrapping Paper, Xmas gifts, Singing Crystal Shards, and more. If you're lucky you might even find Antonio's Hat or a Santa Beard! Santa's Workshop If you manage to collect 3 stockings from Antonio, you can exchange them with Santa in his workshop for a box that can produce a random gift. Louise Kim in Santa's Workshop has a wonderful fashion sense and can craft a Santa Costume for the following ingredients: Cotton Shirt: 1 ea Red Potion: 3 ea Holy Water: 1 ea Wrapping Paper: 4 ea Wrapping Lace: 1 ea Titan Hub Santa is in the Titan Hub on the lookout for the impostor Antonio, who has been stealing presents from children. He can play a card game with you where you have to correctly guess which card he will draw. If you guess correctly 3 or more times, you will earn a random prize! Prontera Caroller Outside the Prontera church there is a Caroller who installed a Singing Crystal in Prontera. But Antonio came and smashed the crystal into pieces. The Caroller needs your help to gather 6 Singing Crystal Pieces to build a music box to help spread holiday cheer. After finding the Singing Crystal Pieces she will ask you for a few more items needed to complete the music box, which is an accessory that will grant your character a skill to play Christmas carols anytime. Winter Costume Egg 1 The items from this egg can keep you warm in the cold weather, and help you look great at the same time! Be ready! Winter is coming. An egg can be purchased via the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens, and contains a random costume from the following: Costume Lunatic Knit Hat Costume Snow Bear Hood Costume Blue Christmas Cheer Costume Snowman Hat Costume Ice Wing Ears Costume Baby Penguin Costume Rudolph Santa Hat Costume Red Cat Ears Cape Costume Brown Stole Costume Frozen Rose Miscellaneous Updates Updated OBB, OPB, OCA, dead branch tables with Rachel content. Increased duration of monster disguise world event 7 minutes of notification that it is about to begin, up from 3 minutes. 30 seconds between rounds, up from 10 seconds.
  2. Maintenance #18

    Minor website update Now that we consider the mobile client to be stable and here to stay, the TitanRO mobile client download link has been added to the website main navigation bar. The Info link now directs to our wiki page for the Introduction to TitanRO instead of our forum post summarizing server features. Miscellaneous updates Cool Event and Kafra warper voting staff have been added to the Titan Hub area. When 20 votes have been recorded, the winning side will have warps available for a period of 6 days based on the number of consecutive times that side has won. Kafra possible warps Toy Factory Level 2 Clock Tower B3 Magma Dungeon Level 2 Cool Event possible warps Byalan Dungeon Level 3 Clock Tower 3F Glast Heim Entrance The Stalker skill Reject Sword no longer has a requirement of level 1 Strip Weapon, to match renewal skill trees. All current Stalker class characters have been mailed 1 non-storable, non-tradable Neuralizer for a free skill reset. Ghost Bandana now correctly reduces Ghost property damage by 10% (previously 0%). The monster disguise World Event has had its list updated to remove event monsters and reduce the chance of repeats.
  3. Today's update focuses on Battlegrounds and our World Events system. Battlegrounds Happy Hour For Battlegrounds, we have added a BG Happy Hour system, to encourage people to get some BG started, at random times throughout the week. BG Happy Hour has the following details: 10% chance to trigger each hour, for 1 hour. Increases badge rewards to 125%. Minimum players to start a round reduced to 4 players from 10 players, to encourage people to join queue, and to keep them going. Battlegrounds Rewards We have added Poison Bottles and Foods to the available Battlegrounds rewards: War of Emperium bound Stat foods (+5) are 6 food items for 8 badges. War of Emperium Poison Bottles are 5 bottles for 4 badges. Titan Token badge cost has been reduced to 75 badges, from 150 badges. For our World Events that happen all weekend long, we have added two new non-combat events: Disguise Event In this event, the NPC will disguise as a random monster and the first person to say the name of the disguised monster earns 1 Titan Token. This continues until 15 successful rounds. This event takes place upstairs in the Eden Group area. Cluckers This diabolical chicken will do its best to keep its Titan Tokens away from you, but if you're lucky enough you will get 5 Titan Tokens from him. This continues until 15 Titan Tokens have been retrieved. The Cluckers event spawns downstairs at the Eden Group. Careful of explosions; be sure to have a convenient save point! The chance to successfully retrieve tokens from Cluckers is 0.93%, so you will need persistence more than anything else to succeed at this event. With the addition of these new events, the World Event system has a 40% chance to start an Invasion, 40% chance to start a Disguise Event, and 20% chance to start the Cluckers event.
  4. For this week's update, we've focused on some improvements to last week's hub area. The camera rotation and zoom are unlocked when in the hub area. There is a tool dealer added who sells commonly available items. The upstairs Storage Kafra is moved closer to the staircase. The save point for the Inn NPC is moved closer to the staircase. The Airship representative can now warp to Yuno as well. Additional Eden warpers are added around Kafras in Prontera, Morroc, Geffen, Alberta, Yuno, Lighthalzen, and Einbech. Halloween event has ended. Prontera loses its spooky Halloween appearance. Pumpkin Hat drop chance for Pumpkin Pie is significantly reduced (25% -> 0.1%). Card suffixes have been updated. For example, Spore Card in a Clip should now read "Clip of Spore" instead of "Clip Spore". Spiral Pierce requirement changed from Spear Mastery 10 to Spear Mastery 5, to follow the updated skill tree requirements from Revo-Classic. All existing Lord Knight characters have been sent 1 character-bound Neuralizer to allow them to reset their skills as a result of this change. Guild castles from September/October castle rotation have been reset to unowned.
  5. TitanRO Hub Today's maintenance adds a TitanRO Hub area in Eden. There is a warper to Eden area in most major towns. The following services and NPCs are available in the new hub area: You can use vending (without autotrade) and create chats. Innkeeper to save location or heal HP/SP. Kafra with storage access. Stylist. PvP Warper. Stat Regretter and skill reset Hypnotist. Airship representative has moved from Yuno to Eden, and allows you to warp to many towns for a set fee. Bounty boards are now all located in Eden instead of individual towns. Community Costume Egg Today's maintenance brings our first Community Costume Egg, based on player suggestions! You can purchase an egg in your Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. Huge congratulations to our winners! Fish Head Hat: Dragoon Helm: Antique Pipe: Giant Helm: Shiba Inu: Fallen Angel Blessing: Imp Hat: Round Eyes: Flying Galapago: Cat Ear Cape: WoE castle rotation War of Emperium castles have rotated for November/December to the following castles: aldeg_cas02 Hohenschwangau (access to Aldebaran + Payon guild dungeons) prtg_cas02 Swanhild (access to Prontera + Geffen guild dungeons) Other updates Reaching base level 99 now announces a congratulatory message to the server to recognize your accomplishments. If you reach base level 99 of a transcendent class, you will also receive a reward of 25 Titan Tokens and a special Helm of Valhalla costume item (account-bound). Navigation system has been updated to include the most recent content, including Odin Temple. After a World Event invasion event ends, dead players in town will be resurrected.
  6. Maintenance #14

    There are 3 weeks left for the Halloween events! Read all about them on the Halloween update post. Today's updates: Indulge now has no cast time with an aftercast delay, instead of having a cast time. OBB/OPB drop tables updated with some missing 11.1, 11.2, 11.3 items that are currently available from monsters. Cultivate Plant is only usable on maps where dead branch is enabled. Combined with spotlight settings, this makes it so you can't cultivate plants on spotlight maps or dungeons.
  7. Maintenance #13: Halloween

    Halloween is just around the corner (October 31st), and spooky ghosts and jack o' lanterns have made their way to town. For this year's Halloween event, we have the following: Spooky Prontera This spooky autumn-themed Prontera will be here through November 8. Pumpkin Hat Researcher Bring this researcher 20 Jack o Pumpkin and he'll reward you with an account-bound Mysterious Pumpkin Hat. This adds a chance to drop Pumpkin Pie from monster kills, and Pumpkin Pie heals 5% HP and SP. When the Halloween event is over, the Pumpkin Pie drop rate will be significantly lowered. Halloween Wizard Bring this Wizard some Fabric, Jack o Pumpkin, Worn Fabric, or Crushed Pumpkins and he will spawn Halloween Whispers and Halloween Dark Lords on another town. Halloween Whisper and Halloween Dark Lord drop trick Gift Boxes which cast random effects, from healing you 50% HP and SP to sending you back to your save point. Trick or Treater This Trick or Treater is invisible until you bump into him, and can be found at the following locations in Prontera: 151, 173 270, 350 234, 310 156, 321 156, 283 142, 214 134, 125 220, 72 Bring the Trick or Treater some Candy, Candy Cane, or Well-baked Cookie and he will provide you with a 30 minute buff of +5 to all stats and +15 flee. Added @refresh command with a 5 second cooldown. This command redraws characters and effects on your screen, refreshes your current position, and can be used to address various issues such as tiles showing song/dance effects after the song has ended, or unwalkable cells after using Ice Wall. Fixed baby class 2nd job exp tables.
  8. Thanatos Tower According to the church, the Gods built the tower in one day to demonstrate their strength to humanity. Other legends depict the tower as a fortress built by the demons who tried to invade Rune-Midgard. Still others theorize that the tower was built to honor Thanatos's defeat of Satan Morroc. No records of Thanatos Tower exists in Yuno's library. The official lore notes this as an important point. The sages of Yuno either don't know anything about it, or have intentionally removed it from their history. Thanatos Tower is located near Yuno and is home to many powerful angels, ghosts, and magical creatures. Should you make it to the top of the tower, you can face the Memory of Thanatos. Notes: You must be a transcendant class 2nd job of any level, or base level 95+ to get past the 6th floor of the tower. Kiel Factory From the outside, Kiel Hyre's Academy is a boarding school who reaches out to orphans. Established by Kiel and his son Kiehl, it was a means for them to give back to their society. Students in the school are welcome to specialise in whatever they like safely behind the gates of their educational home. In truth, the school is a testing ground for robots and prototypes created by the Hyres. While the students themselves remain oblivious to this fact, Kiel's granddaughter Elly tells the adventurer that her classmates have become afraid of going out alone, and believes the school is haunted by a ghost who curses their victims. The curse, or rather, this tampering causes the victim to become cold and lifeless - weapons of destruction. For more information on the Kiel Hyre Entrance Quest, you can refer to irowiki's page here: https://irowiki.org/wiki/Kiel_Hyre_Quest Lore source: ragnaroklore.shivtr.com Costume Egg 5 This spooky themed egg can be purchased from the Titan Guide for 10 Titan Tokens. Hurry and get your Halloween themed items! Costume Sword of Thanatos Costume Magic Circle Costume Tall Ghostring Hat Costume Elder Devil Horn Costume Gram Peony Costume Falling Angel Feathers Costume Vampire Familiar Costume Large Ribbon Muffler Costume Bat Stole Costume Fallen Angel Valletta
  9. Attendance notification On login, the game will notify if today's attendance reward is still available: As a reminder, you can claim the attendance reward in this menu, or with @dailylogin command. Other fixes Fixed cast time of Emergency Recall, now it doubles the cast time to 10 seconds when used by a character who has learned the High Jump skill. Aggressive monsters can now initiate on targets over shootable wall cells. Removed Izlude from the World Events rotation, to avoid killing novices. Abyss Lake themed World Event now spawns 3 Hydrolancer instead of 1. Morroc World Event is centered around Morroc palace instead of south end of town.
  10. Today's maintenance builds on our World Events added last weekend: the World Events will be running every few hours on the weekend, starting on late Friday / early Saturday. We have added 5 additional events to the rotation, instead of the same monsters for each event. There are also now Titan Tokens at stake, as there are Champion monsters involved. Some even have multiple bosses at once... See you there! Themes include: Juperos, Turtle Island, Lighthalzen Biolabs, Amatsu, Abyss Lake, and Glast Heim. @monsterinfo / @mi has been updated to include the needed HIT / FLEE for 100% hit and 95% flee: You can now memo on the Abyss Lake entrance map (hu_fild05), and the portal stays open for 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds. Wedding registration timeout updated from 1 minute to 5 minutes.
  11. Abyss Lake dungeon is now available! Get your dragon hunting gear ready if you're up for the challenge. Face the fearsome Hydrolancer and Detale at your own risk. Hugel town and fields are now available. The Einbroch/Yuno airship now drops off passengers in Hugel. Enjoy your visit to this beautiful coastal town. The list of new field maps now available are: hu_fild01 hu_fild02 hu_fild03 hu_fild04 hu_fild05 hu_fild06 hu_fild07 ein_fild01 ein_fild02 ein_fild05 yuno_fild06 yuno_fild10 Cooking quest is now available and monsters now drop cooking items including: cookbooks, cooking kits, and food items. Will you become the next master chef? Costume Egg 4 is now available for 10 Titan Tokens. It contains one of the following at random: Costume Baseball Cap Costume Pegasus Wing Ears Costume Vanargandr Helm Costume Black Cat Hoodie Costume Necromancer Hood Costume Cat Eyes Costume Angeling Hat Costume Blue Beanie Costume Eremes Scarf Costume Candy Cane In Mouth War of Emperium castles have rotated. Starting on 2018-09-01 WoE and for 2 months, the castles will be aldeg_cas01 (Neuschwanstein) and gefg_cas01 (Repherion) Enabled linked guild dungeon access for these castles. Aldebaran castle connects to Payon guild dungeon, Geffen castle connects to Prontera guild dungeon. When using the lever, pull the lever to go to the normal guild dungeon, or push the lever to go to the linked dungeon. Other updates and fixes: Gunslinger and Ninja job experience tables have been corrected (lowered). They should now have a significantly easier time at low job levels. To make competing for ranker points more fun, Taekwon Mission no longer chooses Miniboss or Champion monsters. We want players to spend more time fighting, less time sitting in town resetting their missions. Homunculus now gain experience from their owner's party experience. 10% of the experience their owner gains in a party will be granted to the homunculus as well. Fixed a script error in the Izlude <-> Yuno airship that warped players to Yuno when they exited at Izlude. Removed Backpack accessory option from Little Poring as the client cannot support it.
  12. Today's update brings Ninja, Gunslinger, Taekwon Boy/Girl, Star Gladiator, and Soul Linker classes. Re-enabled gunslinger and ninja specific NPCs and quests in Criatura Academy. Added Gunslinger and Ninja related merchants. Added Gunslinger and Ninja related items to OBB, OPB, and monster drop lists.
  13. Today's maintenance addresses some stability issues caused by Battlegrounds code, as well as addressing other much needed miscellaneous fixes. Battlegrounds are re-enabled. We will be monitoring closely for issues. Queuing for Battlegrounds should no longer have a chance to cause the server to crash. Closing a vend or shop should no longer cause the client to become "stuck". Fixed an issue where guild skills could be stuck in permanent cooldown. Removed Ahlspiess and some Gunslinger items from monster drop lists. Client correctly shows overweight at 70% instead of 50%. Sea Otter Card now correctly increases the heal rate of Sushi.
  14. Today's content update brings the city of Lighthalzen and its surrounding fields, the Somatology Laboratory, and platinum skills, including Homunculus. The following maps are now available: lhz_fild01 lhz_fild02 lhz_fild03 ein_fild03 ein_fild04 (1 north of Einbroch -- good for Geographers!) lhz_dun01 lhz_dun02 lhz_dun03 The quest to purchase Speed Potions is available in Lighthalzen, with some changes: You can purchase up to 10 Speed Potions at a time from the NPC, instead of max 3. You can click on the final NPC location instead of having to walk through him. Homunculus have an autofeeding option, to allow them to consume their desired food automatically when they become hungry. The included AI files allow for manual control with alt+click to move or attack a target, and shift+alt+click to queue up a move or attack. Alt + R opens the Homunculus statistics window. Alt + T enables passive mode for the Homunculus. We have added Loading Screens from our Loading Screen contest! Congratulations to our winners! Due to player requests, we have removed Triple Inferno battleground mode and replaced it with Stone Control: Take the stones in the middle of the battlefield and place them at your base. Each stone will give points to your team over time. First team to reach 99 points wins the game. Team Stones can also be captured by the enemy team, so protect them well! Due to suggestions to make MvPing feel more consistently rewarding, boss monsters now have a 35% chance to drop a Titan Token. We have fixed the issue where mobs would instantly "de-stack" after losing their target, and also players are now able to occupy the same cell. Today's update also includes some miscellaneous updates: With Somatology Laboratory items being available, we re-enabled drops for the following: Evil Snake Lord - Hellfire RSX - Dagger of Counter Chimera - Great Axe Bloody Knight - Katzbalger Mini Demon - Ahlspiess Bloody Murderer - Ginnungagap Updated drop tables for OBB, OPB, OCA. Updated drop tables for some champion monsters. Fly wing / Teleport skill is enabled in Lighthalzen map. Refunded Sweet Milks used by players, due to the bug where Savage Babe was unable to be tamed. Fixed a bug around Rogue Slyness / Gangster's Paradise skill. Doubled vendor spot vertical density in Prontera, so we can fit twice as many vendors in the same space.
  15. This week's maintenance brings Costume Egg 3 (10 Titan Tokens) and Name Change Coupon (50 Titan Tokens) to the Titan Guide. With the addition of Costume Egg 3 we have also discontinued Costume Egg 1. Costume Egg 3 has a 1 in 10 chance of each of: Costume Shaving Foam Costume Warm Cat Muffler Costume Red Under Rimmed Glasses Costume Robo Eye Costume Wind Guide Costume Rune Circlet Costume Chicken Hat Costume Dokebi Wig Costume Heroic Backpack Costume Test Subject Aura This maintenance also brings: Monks regen SP naturally after using Asura. Re-added Juperos monsters to Yuno bounty board. Added a Kill Tracker to Titan Guide for those who want to check how many monsters they've killed in the past 1, 3, and 7 days. Fixed Sweet Milk taming item for Savage Babe (it was always failing). Updated navigation system to include Juperos monsters. Allowed Titan Token purchasable in Buying Shops. (This update is incomplete. We will finish it mid-week without a maintenance)
  16. Today's maintenance brings the Juperos Ruins dungeon and Geffenia maps, and removes Umbala Dungeon. Juperos Ruins was once a city of an ancient civilization that has since been buried underground. Scholars speculate that it may have been similar to Juno in the past. Geffenia is a legendary kingdom of elves that was lost to time. It is protected by the Orb of Vanar. Its capital used to be Geffen. Juperos Removed guns from Juperos monsters, they will be added back when Gunslingers are released on August 16. Notably, Vesper still drops Vesper Cores although trans classes are not yet available. Removing these items would remove most of the reason to hunt Vesper. Geffenia The Sign Quest is enabled, which grants The Sign accessory, and access to Geffenia dungeon. Engel and Metz ask you to wait 2 hours, instead of returning on a later day and hour based on the dropoff time. The Sign is account bound and able to be put in storage. Characters are limited to equipping 1 The Sign at a time -- if a second is equipped, one of them is removed. Incubus Gold Ring drop rate has been reduced from 14.26% to 4.93% to reduce the rate of zeny inflation. Incubus still drops Mastela Fruit at 38.59% and Diamond Ring at 4.43%. Umbala Umbala Dungeon has been removed. The portal from Umbala now goes directly to the Yggdrasil Tree. 10 Wooden Golems have been added to um_fild01 and um_fild04. Vending updates Enabled Buying Shops Merchants can get the purchasing skill and licenses for 200z each, in the Merchant Guild in Alberta. Non-merchants can get a purchase license from the black market in Morroc for 500z each. Autotraders now have a timeout period of 7 days. Autotrade is currently only available in Prontera, to encourage a central marketplace. More towns will be re-enabled over time. In Prontera, vending is only allowed on cells marked with a sign placeholder. Click on the placeholder to move to the cell. Miscellaneous updates Basic Skill is now required to sit, form parties, etc. This was leftover from our pre-release event where we disabled the requirements to form parties. Cleaned up WoE start/stop announcement that listed the unavailable castles as being unoccupied. Fixed Pet Egg descriptions to be accurate -- there is no Cordial / Loyal bonus, only Loyal.
  17. Maintenance #7

    Einbroch merchants (weapon dealers and tool dealers) are back from their vacation, ready to sell items again. In Battlegrounds, skills cost 0 zeny. This addresses Mammonite for now, and other skills later. BG-only items are usable in PvP arenas. This also applies the 0 zeny cost. Enabled Izlude airship. This airship is dangerous, and spawns monsters. The Gremlin and Beholder on the airship have had their equipment and card drops removed, to be added when we reach the Rachel content release. Added statistics tracking code for War of Emperium. Added missing einbroch/yuno maps to map of the week rotation. Fix hunter job change quest asking for renewal-based items instead of classic. Initial attempt on fixing the bug where one has to relog after completing a Battlegrounds round.
  18. Our first War of Emperium is Saturday, July 7, and this maintenance enables the WoE settings: Enabled castles aldeg_cas03, prtg_cas03, gefg_cas03, payg_cas03. All other castle flags and warps are removed to reduce possible mix-ups. Some Battlegrounds fixes/improvements: Disabled EMERGENCYCALL in Battlegrounds. This skill caused a crash earlier in the week, and I want to verify that the issue is fully resolved before re-enabling. Fixed initial team assignments in Battlegrounds that often warped one team in several minutes after the other. Fixed multiple IP check for Battlegrounds, now it accounts for members in queue, and not just those in battlegrounds waiting rooms. Battleground kill counts reduced: Team Deathmatch: 99->49 Triple Inferno: 80->40 Added a repair/storage NPC to the Battlegrounds waiting area. Plant type defense now takes 1 damage from Hunter traps. Enabled Yuno and Izlude airports/airship. Fixed Osiris loot table, now drops Assassin Dagger. Updated OBB, OPB, OCA drop lists for Einbroch content. Updated navigation window data for Einbroch content. Fixed 5 dimensional pets, now limited to 2 dimensions.
  19. Content Update: Einbroch

    This update adds Einbroch, Einbech, and Einbech dungeon and the following quests and maps: Oridecon/Mineral Quest Uwe Kliene Quest Factory Quest Murder Quest Lovers Quest ein_dun01 ein_dun02 ein_fild06 ein_fild07 ein_fild08 ein_fild09 ein_fild10 yuno_fild05 yuno_fild07 yuno_fild08 yuno_fild09 yuno_fild11 yuno_fild12 (You may ask yourself, what about the other Einbroch and Yuno fields?) ein_fild03, ein_fild04 come with Lighthalzen update. ein_fild01, ein_fild02, ein_fild05, yuno_fild06, yuno_fild10 come with Hugel update. Added Costume Egg 2, available for 10 Titan Tokens in the Titan Guide. The costumes in this egg are: Costume Cat Ear Hat Costume Blue Frill Ribbon Costume Poring Letter Costume Sleeping Kitty Hat Costume Rabbit Ear Hat Costume Spare Card Costume Neko Mimi Kafra Costume Volume Low Twin Costume Bunny Headdress Costume Red Wing Hat Pantie Signing NPC -- You can sign Pantie[0] with your name on it, to give to a special someone, or keep for yourself. Look for the NPC Mokona in the center of Payon. For 100 Feather, 100 Iron and 100 Squid Ink, he will help you make a unique Pantie. Added countdown to WoE in Titan Guide: Updated Battlegrounds targetting, now displays default Battleground emblem over enemies heads: Updates: MVPs and minibosses start off dead after a maintenance, and will respawn after their normal timer. MVPs with a fixed spawn location will spawn a tomb, killed by Unknown. This is to avoid a free rotation of boss kills immediately after maintenance. Fix an error allowing BG/WoE-bound items to be traded between players. They are intended to be account bound. Enabled mineffect and hiding damage numbers in Battlegrounds. Cards can no longer be stolen. Joining a battleground in progress with @joinbg can be done 1 at a time instead of requiring 2 people in queue. Don't send standing or walking mob data for monsters that have 0 or less HP (related to ghost mobs left after death) Limit battlegrounds to 30v30 instead of 35v35.
  20. In this Maintenance, we added the Battleground system and enabled 5 battlegrounds modes -- @joinbg to queue for BG, @leavebg to leave the queue: Capture the Flag (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35) The objective of the Flavius Battle CTS is to score 3 points before your enemy, by capturing their Flag. To capture a flag, you need to take the Enemy Flag, and bring it to your base. If your base flag is captured, you need to kill the Flag carrier and take the flag back to your base. Also make sure to protect the Flag carrier on your team from your enemies. Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner Team Deathmatch (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35 Both teams start with 100 points. Killing a player costs the opposing team 1 point. Kill all the enemy players to reduce their points until they have none. Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner Domination (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35) There are three bases: North, Center, and South which teams can capture by holding their position on them. Each base will give you points for every 5 seconds of domination. The first team to reach 99 points wins the match. Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner Triple Inferno (minimum 7v7v7 up to 35v35v35) There are 3 teams in this Arena, all enemies of each other. Kill the enemy players, collect their skulls and bring them to the Sacrifice Totem to win points. You can collect your own team skulls and bring them to your Sacrifice Totem to avoid other teams to score. If you get killed, all your skulls will be dropped on to the floor, including your own skull. First Team to get 80 points wins the battle. Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner Free For All (10 players) The Free For All arena is a killfest between 10 players. There are no teams. The first player to reach 25 kills wins. Rewards are either Battleground-bound items, WoE-bound items, or Titan Tokens: Battleground-bound items: 100 White Potion: 1 Badge 50 Blue Potion: 1 Badge 40 Bottle Grenade: 1 Badge 40 Acid Bottle: 1 Badge 60 Plant Bottle: 1 Badge 60 Marine Sphere Bottle: 1 Badge 25 Glistening Coat: 1 Badge 50 Yellow Gemstone: 1 Badge 100 Red Gemstone: 1 Badge 200 Blue Gemstone: 1 Badge 10 Authoritative Badge: 1 Badge WoE-bound items: 40 White Potion: 4 Badges 20 Blue Potion: 4 Badges 20 Bottle Grenade: 4 Badges 20 Acid Bottle: 4 Badges 30 Plant Bottle: 4 Badges 30 Marine Sphere Bottle: 4 Badges 25 Glistening Coat: 8 Badges 10 Authoritative Badge: 4 Badges 1 Titan Token: 150 Badges Badges are character-bound. Battleground-bound and WoE-bound items can only be used on a Battleground or WoE map. They are account-bound and can be placed in storage. They can't be dropped, traded, vended, traded to NPCs, sold, or mailed. Added a 2 second delay to talking in #main and other channels, to prevent runaway spammers from flooding the chat window before they can be muted. Blocked the typing of more than 3 consecutive spaces " " in messages, to prevent scammers from impersonating invisible characters in chat rooms. Heal skill no longer has an added benefit from MATK, it's using Classic formula now. @monsterinfo and @iteminfo are no longer case sensitive. Changed mob death animation to be instantaneous to address "ghost mobs" hanging around after they die. In testing, this fixed MvP slaves sticking around after the MvP dies.
  21. Maintenance #4

    In Maintenance #4, we updated the ATK/MATK of all monsters to their classic values instead of renewal. You'll notice some significant changes across many monsters -- for example: Wanderer does 552-732 damage, not 1695-1800 damage. Player MATK has been buffed. At the low ends characters will be doing a small amount more -- at the highest end, they can do upwards of 20% more damage compared to before. We feel that this is a good change to help balance MATK damage with ATK damage, because of how STR scales up the wATK of a weapon, but INT doesn't have the same formula for weapon MATK. Before MATK = MATK + wMATK After MATK = MATK + (wMATK * MATK / 125) The Stylist cost has been updated to 10 Titan Tokens to unlock his services forever for one character. If you have previously used the stylist for 2 Titan Tokens, then unlocking will cost you 8 Titan Tokens instead. This allows us to change and add dyes without costing players Titan Tokens. Added moderator permissions and display to #main chat. Moderator users have a + before their messages in #main, and have the ability to temporarily mute other users. Added a shop tracker to Control Panel. Go to http://cp.titanro.net/?module=vending to browse what’s currently being sold by players in game! Updated Control Panel item database to include Titan Tokens and Costumes. Enabled Mob and Item Database on Control Panel. Loot protection timer has been increased from 3 seconds -> 6 seconds. Bowling Bash should now always hit twice, even on diagonals. Official website launched, optimized for viewing on mobile or desktop. Re-enabled Gae Bolg quest's Assassin Bar in Morroc. The defense granted from armor upgrades was mistakenly using pre-renewal values. They've been updated to renewal values. This week's upcoming Maintenance will be an extended duration maintenance to allow us to perform maintenance on the database as well as the game servers. The Control Panel and the game service will both be affected during this database maintenance. Thursday night maintenance is expected to begin at Friday 7AM UTC (Friday midnight PDT) and last 1.5 hours to allow us to apply and verify these changes.
  22. Maintenance #3

    Fixed ASPD for dual wielding. Krongast NPC (used in Blacksmith Job Change Quest) moved to a better pre-Einbroch location (Izlude 66/212). Fixed quest log for Blacksmith Job Change Quest to use pre-Einbroch locations. Fixed Acolyte Training Quest to correctly accept Decayed Nail. Comodo Gambling and Kachua NPC have been disabled. Stylist NPC added at Prontera 146/235 northwest of fountain. You can change your mind within 15 minutes of using NPC. Has 77 different dyes. Costs 2 Titan Tokens. Removed Battle Hook from Abysmal Knight drops. Bounty Board monster kill count reduced from 150 to 100. Reduced EXP given from bounty boards to 50% for each monster kill. If a Bounty Board monster is in the Spotlight, the Bounty Board will use its base EXP value. (see more detailed post here) Land Mine now splits damage equally if it triggers on multiple targets. Added Stone to Event Poring; can now complete the Criatura Thief Guide Quest (if below level 13 and a novice). Fixed Criatura Adept Adventurer quest log NAVI link to point to proper NPC location. Updated size modifiers and element table to Renewal instead of Classic. Fixed moc_fild03 bottom portal only working on one side. Updated #main, #trade, #party colors. Add #ru in-game chat. Rename #tl to #ph. Fixed monsters sometimes losing their MATK value. Follow up on this: Additional maintenance to fix monsters not applying movespeed up / down changes.
  23. Maintenance #2

    Maintenance #2 addresses the following issues: Fixed Moved Monster Taming NPC location in Izlude. Fixed marriage: Tuxedo can be equipped. Supernovice can wear Wedding Dress. Change Spotlights to a 3-day rotation. Titan Guide's [Current Events] now shows when spotlights will change. Added Lutie Kafra with Storage. Removed Juperos monsters from Juno Bounty Board. Made Criatura Hat non-refinable. Fixed Novice Poring Card + Criatura Hat combo. Updated Gepard to work better with Wine for Mac/linux users. Fixed Concentration Potion; was giving same ASPD as Awakening. Medicine Bowl price has been corrected (lowered). Hunter Job Change Quest item sets have been corrected. Geek Glasses now sold in Alberta.
  24. Maintenance #1

    We had a 10 minute maintenance today to fix the following: Little Poring can now be tamed. MVPs no longer drop items not available in this episode. One Giant Axe had dropped and this was replaced with an OPB for that user. Max guild size adjusted from 76 => 56, Guild Extension adjusted accordingly. Ranged monsters who had their drop tables edited for the current episode now are using ranged attack ranges. (Cruiser, Orc Archer, Firelock Soldier) The Titan Token Shop has been added to the Titan Guide. Currently you can exchange 10 Titan Tokens for Costume Egg 1; the contents can be viewed in game. Storm Gust now pushes monsters in random directions rather than primarily to the top right of the map. @time command has been added to show the server time. Added @showexp option to Titan Guide's [Login Settings] option.