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Maintenance #51: Hairstyle update

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Hairstyle Update


Today's update brings a fun new way to personalize your character's looks with the Style Browser window. Accessible from the Titan Guide, this window will let you preview and purchase hair styles or hair dyes, even storing some combinations as favorites to come back to later.


While you can still visit a hair stylist or dye NPC, this will save time for those who have the zeny to spare. There are 2 new hairstyles only available through the Style Browser, check them out!


  • Hair dyes cost 100,000z to apply.
  • Basic hair styles cost 250,000z.
  • Extended hair styles cost 1 Hairstyle Coupon, which can be purchased for¬†250,000z and 5 Titan Tokens at the Assistant Beautician in the Lighthalzen Department Store.


Miscellaneous Updates

The "Talk Like a Pirate Day" event will be ending next week, so get your items before they're gone! The equipment effects will last through the end of October.

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