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Maintenance #52: Halloween event, Spooky costumes

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Halloween is just around the corner (October 31st), and spooky ghosts and jack o' lanterns have made their way to town.

Spooky Costume Box
In the Titan Guide you can buy a Spooky Costume Egg #1 for 10 Titan Tokens, which contains one of the following at random:

  • Costume Fallen Angel Wings
  • Costume Diabolic Lapel
  • Costume Servant Deviling
  • Costume Chatty Parrot
  • Costume Devil Whisper
  • Costume Sky Lantern Blessing
  • Costume Head Screws

  • Costume Hylozoist Hat
  • Costume Grim Reaper
  • Costume Black Musang

Halloween Events

For Halloween, we have the following:

  1. Spooky Prontera
    • This spooky autumn-themed Prontera will be here through November 7.
  2.  Pumpkin Hat Researcher
    • Bring this researcher 20 Jack o Pumpkin and he'll reward you with an account-bound Mysterious Pumpkin Hat.
    • image.png.2df42e0cfc4d1ed87dbb73da8cbdd562.png
    • This adds a chance to drop Pumpkin Pie from monster kills, and Pumpkin Pie heals 5% HP and SP.
    •  When the Halloween event is over, the Pumpkin Pie drop rate will be significantly lowered.
  3.  Halloween Wizard
    • Bring this Wizard some Fabric, Jack o Pumpkin, Worn Fabric, or Crushed Pumpkins and he will spawn Halloween Whispers and Halloween Dark Lords on another town.
    • Halloween Whisper and Halloween Dark Lord drop trick Gift Boxes which cast random effects, from healing you 50% HP and SP to sending you back to your save point.
  4. Trick or Treater
    • This Trick or Treater is invisible until you bump into him, and can be found at the following locations in Prontera:
      • 151, 173
      • 270, 350
      •  234, 310
      • 156, 321
      • 156, 283
      • 142, 214
      • 134, 125
      •  220, 72
    •  Bring the Trick or Treater some Candy, Candy Cane, or Well-baked Cookie and he will provide you with a 30 minute buff of +5 to all stats and +15 flee.


Miscellaneous Updates

  • Talk like a Pirate day event has ended and the Salty Sea Dog NPC has left Comodo.

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Hello Trojal, I’m Keya from Singapore. I read about TitanRO from reddit because of this one guy ranting how you change the game. I’m very interested to play here because I can see how you make changes for good. Can I play this game from Singapore? Currently I’m playing at MYSGPH RO Valhalla server.


I hope to hear from you soon. 

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