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Update #25: Test Server, Criatura fixes

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Set up a separate Test Server so that we can continue to do development work while not impacting the open beta test. In the future we will be able to test out changes and our upgrade processes before a major update.

Updated the client and GepardShield files, to add minimize/close buttons to client, and fix some issues with the tip box menu.

Fixed up some Criatura issues:

  • Fixed crashing at Attribute Expert.
  • Updated savepoint of characters after they leave the initial island.
  • Removed baselevel requirement for the merchant job NPC.
  • (hopefully) fixed archer job NPC getting stuck chat window.
  • Improved some spelling/typo issues in Criatura.
  • Removed cooking NPCs (added in episode 10.3)
  • Removed old novice grounds NPCs from "Criatura Garden" area.

Enabled same sex marriage settings.

Fixed Byalan Kafra for merchant job change quest.

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