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Maintenance #54: Skills Update (1st job)

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Skills Update

Today's maintenance brings the first of our skills updates to stay updated with other Revo-Classic, Renewal, and Zero servers. This updates all our first job skills to be in sync with the latest updates:

  1. Swordsman
    • Magnum Break
      • Reduces delay after skill from 2 seconds to 0.5 second.
      • Adds 2 seconds cooldown.
  2. Merchant
    • Crazy Uproar
      • Adds 0.3 second fixed casting time.
      • Adds 1 second variable casting time.
      • Changes skill mechanism, grants STR + 4 and ATK + 30 to the user and nearby party members.
      • Adds 30 seconds cooldown.
  3. Mage
    • Fire Bolt/ Cold Bolt/ Lightning Bolt
      • Reduces variable casting time from 3.52 second to 3.2 second (on level 10).
      • Greatly reduces delay after skill.
    • Thunderstorm
      • Reduces variable casting time from 6.4 second to 4.5 second (on level 10).
    • Fire Ball
      • Variable casting time of level 1-5 is changed to be the same as level 6-10 (0.8 second)
      • Reduces delay after skill to 0.7 second on all skill level.
    • Soul Strike
      • Delay after skill is 1.4 second on all skill level (reduces from 2.5 seconds to 1.4 second on level 10).
    • Frost Diver
      • Reduces delay after skill from 1.5 second to 0.5 second.
  4. Acolyte
    • Blessing
      • Also increases Hit by 2 per skill level.
    • Increase Agility
      • Also increases attack speed (reduces delay after attack by 1%) per skill level.
    • Angelus
      • Also increases MaxHP by 50 per skill level.
    • Holy Light
      • Reduces casting time by 50%.

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