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Maintenance #55: Winter Events

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Winter Prontera

Winter holidays are here this month, and to celebrate, we have brought winter to Prontera. Enjoy the snow!


Winter Event

Across Rune-Midgard there are many holiday themed monsters, such as Christmas Goblin, Christmas Jakk, Christmas Cookie, and Antonio. These monsters drop items such as Candy, Wrapping Paper, Xmas gifts, Singing Crystal Shards, and more. If you're lucky you might even find Antonio's Hat or a Santa Beard!


Santa's Workshop

  • If you manage to collect 3 stockings from Antonio, you can exchange them with Santa in his workshop for a box that can produce a random gift.
  • Louise Kim in Santa's Workshop has a wonderful fashion sense and can craft a Santa Costume for the following ingredients:
    • Cotton Shirt: 1 ea
    • Red Potion: 3 ea
    • Holy Water: 1 ea
    • Wrapping Paper: 4 ea
    • Wrapping Lace: 1 ea


Titan Hub

Santa is in the Titan Hub on the lookout for the impostor Antonio, who has been stealing presents from children. He can play a card game with you where you have to correctly guess which card he will draw. If you guess correctly 3 or more times, you will earn a random prize!

Prontera Caroller

Outside the Prontera church there is a Caroller who installed a Singing Crystal in Prontera. But Antonio came and smashed the crystal into pieces. The Caroller needs your help to gather 6 Singing Crystal Pieces to build a music box to help spread holiday cheer. After finding the Singing Crystal Pieces she will ask you for a few more items needed to complete the music box, which is an accessory that will grant your character a skill to play Christmas carols anytime.

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