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Maintenance #56: Skills update (Knight, Blacksmith)

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We have updated the skills behavior of Knight and Blacksmith to the most up-to-date Revo-Classic, Renewal, and Zero behavior. Get out there and try out your new skills!



  • Bowling Bash
    • Changes skill mechanism. Bowling Bash is a 2-hit 5x5 AoE centered around the target.
    • If a two-handed sword is equipped, hit count can increase up to 4 hits depending on number of targets.
    • Reduces delay after skill.
    • Adds 1 second cooldown.
  • Brandish Spear
    • Changes damage type to long range physical damage.
    • Increases damage formula to 400 + (100 x skill level) % ATK.
    • Adds 0.5 second delay after skill.
    • Adds 1 second cooldown.
    • Increases SP consumption to 24.
  • Two-hand Quicken
    • Reduces ASPD bonus to 10%.
    • Increases CRIT and HIT up to +12 CRIT, +20 HIT at level 10.
  • Charge Attack
    • Removes cast time.
    • Adds 0.5 second cooldown.


  • Adrenaline Rush
    • Reduces ASPD bonus to 10%.
    • Increases HIT by 5 + (3 x skill level).
  • Power Thrust
    • Weapon destruction chance is removed.
    • Increases damage of party members by 5% / 10% / 15%, depending on level.

PS: We will be providing an optional stats and skills reset for all characters once we have completed our skills updates over the coming weeks.

And as always, please report any issues you find with the updated skills.

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