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Update #27: Exp viewer, pot spam limit

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  • Added an EXP Viewer to the client, patch to get it; it's in the client folder in EXP Viewer folder.
  • Limited consumables to 2 per second (updated to 5 per second), to balance spammability for people in different pings to the server -- the exact values will be revisited before WoE is released.
  • Added comically large card sprites.
  • Added a PvP warper to most towns.
  • Updated channels, added language-specific channels by default.
  • Increased Anubis MATK to hit reasonably hard with Dark Soul Strike.
  • Allow autotrade in towns only.
  • Add middle Prontera Kafra NPC.
  • Add Stat Regretter NPC.
  • Switch to Re:Start EXP tables.
  • Limit Elu/Ori, Rough Elu/Ori drop rates similar to Re:Start drop rates.
  • Remove bowling bash gutterlines.
  • Add 43 more maps that can be memo for warp portal.
  • Update character deletion timer -- was 24 hours, now 30 minutes.




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update potion limit
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