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Real slackers

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Guild: Real Slackers

Leader: Nubcake


Guild Hometown: ***

Language: English


What is Real Slackers?


Real Slackers is a guild make few years ago by someone named Kaal in ArchaicRO. After a while, i took over guild leading spot and since then, i've been making this guild on the server i played on. This guild is of course an international guild but as i said earlier, english is the language to use. Real Slackers is of course a WoE guild but MvP, BG, parties and social is just as important.


Guild is not yet made as teh server is not up yet ! Feel free to pm me for more info and stuff!


Any class and level is accepted and any RO experience too


Only thing are:


-do not have any alt in other guilds

-Do not break the rules

-Respect ANYONE, guild mate and other guild member too.

-Do participate in guild event. c'mon, its fun time!



~Nubcake, Real Slackers leader!






**To be updated soon**


Pm me on Discord or forum for more infos

Edited by Nubcake

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