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Launch Event Screenshots

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Hi everyone!

I hope you're all as hyped as I am :P


I'd like to ask everyone to take lots of screenshots on the first day and post all the good ones here!

The plan is to put them on all the socials so people can see how much fun launch was❤

Additionally, if you'll be streaming, a link to the VoD would be great!


Thaaanks :D

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I'll admit it. my entire goal was to kill an mvp on the first day. and to do it on a monk felt so good. he dropped literally nothing. not even an mvp drop, but it was all about the fun of working hard to get to the point where it was even a possiblity. Today was a blast. I had so much fun partying and the server is perfect. Trojal and crew did a great job. Look forward to playing here for years ^.^


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