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Maintenance #1

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We had a 10 minute maintenance today to fix the following:

  • Little Poring can now be tamed.
  • MVPs no longer drop items not available in this episode.
    • One Giant Axe had dropped and this was replaced with an OPB for that user.
  • Max guild size adjusted from 76 => 56, Guild Extension adjusted accordingly.
  • Ranged monsters who had their drop tables edited for the current episode now are using ranged attack ranges. (Cruiser, Orc Archer, Firelock Soldier)
  • The Titan Token Shop has been added to the Titan Guide. Currently you can exchange 10 Titan Tokens for Costume Egg 1; the contents can be viewed  in game.
  • Storm Gust now pushes monsters in random directions rather than primarily to the top right of the map.
  • @time command has been added to show the server time.
  • Added @showexp option to Titan Guide's [Login Settings] option.
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