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Maintenance #2

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Maintenance #2 addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed Moved Monster Taming NPC location in Izlude.
  • Fixed marriage:
    • Tuxedo can be equipped.
    • Supernovice can wear Wedding Dress.
  • Change Spotlights to a 3-day rotation.
    • Titan Guide's [Current Events] now shows when spotlights will change.
  • Added Lutie Kafra with Storage.
  • Removed Juperos monsters from Juno Bounty Board.
  • Made Criatura Hat non-refinable.
  • Fixed Novice Poring Card + Criatura Hat combo.
  • Updated Gepard to work better with Wine for Mac/linux users.
  • Fixed Concentration Potion; was giving same ASPD as Awakening.
  • Medicine Bowl price has been corrected (lowered).
  • Hunter Job Change Quest item sets have been corrected.
  • Geek Glasses now sold in Alberta.


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