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Maintenance #3

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  • Fixed ASPD for dual wielding.
  • Krongast NPC (used in Blacksmith Job Change Quest) moved to a better pre-Einbroch location (Izlude 66/212).
  • Fixed quest log for Blacksmith Job Change Quest to use pre-Einbroch locations.
  • Fixed Acolyte Training Quest to correctly accept Decayed Nail.
  • Comodo Gambling and Kachua NPC have been disabled.
  • Stylist NPC added at Prontera 146/235 northwest of fountain. You can change your mind within 15 minutes of using NPC. Has 77 different dyes. Costs 2 Titan Tokens.
  • Removed Battle Hook from Abysmal Knight drops.
  • Bounty Board monster kill count reduced from 150 to 100. Reduced EXP given from bounty boards to 50% for each monster kill. If a Bounty Board monster is in the Spotlight, the Bounty Board will use its base EXP value. (see more detailed post here)
  • Land Mine now splits damage equally if it triggers on multiple targets.
  • Added Stone to Event Poring; can now complete the Criatura Thief Guide Quest (if below level 13 and a novice).
  • Fixed Criatura Adept Adventurer quest log NAVI link to point to proper NPC location.
  • Updated size modifiers and element table to Renewal instead of Classic.
  • Fixed moc_fild03 bottom portal only working on one side.
  • Updated #main, #trade, #party colors.
  • Add #ru in-game chat.
  • Rename #tl to #ph.
  • Fixed monsters sometimes losing their MATK value.
    • Follow up on this: Additional maintenance to fix monsters not applying movespeed up / down changes.


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We're aware that with most of the dyes, mounted characters are showing a black PecoPeco, this will be fixed with a client patch in the next few days.

The patch is now available.


Edited by Trojal
patch added
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