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Autopick disabled during skill delay

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@autopick doesn't work while the character is in skill delay. Not only does your character not continuously loot items, you cannot loot ANYTHING after the first item until you move. I hadn't noticed this on most of my characters because the delays weren't as lengthy, but on my wizard it is extremely inconvenient. This is amplified by the fact that wizard is primarily an AOE killer. After killing a large mob with SG, LOV, etc., I have to wait ~5 seconds to pick up my loot. If there are monsters remaining that are frozen and need a 2nd SG, without autopick I would be able to pick up some loot for 4-5 seconds before casting the next SG. Now I cannot loot at all (if I choose to use autopick) and by the time the delay is over, I will need to SG again and won't be looting for another 5s after that. I don't know if this is a bug or intended, but I hope it can be changed because standing around for 5s to begin picking up my loot feels very punishing when most other classes aren't affected by this.

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