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Maintenance #4

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In Maintenance #4, we updated the ATK/MATK of all monsters to their classic values instead of renewal. You'll notice some significant changes across many monsters -- for example: Wanderer does 552-732 damage, not 1695-1800 damage.

Player MATK has been buffed. At the low ends characters will be doing a small amount more -- at the highest end, they can do upwards of 20% more damage compared to before. We feel that this is a good change to help balance MATK damage with ATK damage, because of how STR scales up the wATK of a weapon, but INT doesn't have the same formula for weapon MATK.

  • Before
    • MATK = MATK + wMATK
  • After
    • MATK = MATK + (wMATK * MATK / 125) 


The Stylist cost has been updated to 10 Titan Tokens to unlock his services forever for one character. If you have previously used the stylist for 2 Titan Tokens, then unlocking will cost you 8 Titan Tokens instead. This allows us to change and add dyes without costing players Titan Tokens.

Added moderator permissions and display to #main chat. Moderator users have a + before their messages in #main, and have the ability to temporarily mute other users.

Added a shop tracker to Control Panel.

Enabled Mob and Item Database on Control Panel.

Loot protection timer has been increased from 3 seconds -> 6 seconds.

Bowling Bash should now always hit twice, even on diagonals.

Official website launched, optimized for viewing on mobile or desktop.

Re-enabled Gae Bolg quest's Assassin Bar in Morroc.

The defense granted from armor upgrades was mistakenly using pre-renewal values. They've been updated to renewal values.


This week's upcoming Maintenance will be an extended duration maintenance to allow us to perform maintenance on the database as well as the game servers. The Control Panel and the game service will both be affected during this database maintenance.

Thursday night maintenance is expected to begin at Friday 7AM UTC (Friday midnight PDT) and last 1.5 hours to allow us to apply and verify these changes.

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