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Maintenance #5: Battlegrounds

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In this Maintenance, we added the Battleground system and enabled 5 battlegrounds modes  -- @joinbg to queue for BG, @leavebg to leave the queue:

  • Capture the Flag (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35)
    • The objective of the Flavius Battle CTS is to score 3 points before your enemy, by capturing their Flag. To capture a flag, you need to take the Enemy Flag, and bring it to your base. If your base flag is captured, you need to kill the Flag carrier and take the flag back to your base. Also make sure to protect the Flag carrier on your team from your enemies.
    • Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner
  • Team Deathmatch (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35
    • Both teams start with 100 points. Killing a player costs the opposing team 1 point. Kill all the enemy players to reduce their points until they have none. 
    • Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner
  • Domination (minimum 10v10 up to 35v35)
    • There are three bases: North, Center, and South which teams can capture by holding their position on them. Each base will give you points for every 5 seconds of domination. The first team to reach 99 points wins the match.
    • Reward: 9 badges for winner, 6 for non-winner
  • Triple Inferno (minimum 7v7v7 up to 35v35v35)
    • There are 3 teams in this Arena, all enemies of each other. Kill the enemy players, collect their skulls and bring them to the Sacrifice Totem to win points. You can collect your own team skulls and bring them to your Sacrifice Totem to avoid other teams to score. If you get killed, all your skulls will be dropped on to the floor, including your own skull. First Team to get 80 points wins the battle.
    • Reward: 15 badges for winner, 9 for non-winner
  • Free For All (10 players)
    • The Free For All arena is a killfest between 10 players. There are no teams. The first player to reach 25 kills wins.

Rewards are either Battleground-bound items, WoE-bound items, or Titan Tokens:

  • Battleground-bound items:
    • 100 White Potion: 1 Badge
    • 50 Blue Potion: 1 Badge
    • 40 Bottle Grenade: 1 Badge
    • 40 Acid Bottle: 1 Badge
    • 60 Plant Bottle: 1 Badge
    • 60 Marine Sphere Bottle: 1 Badge
    • 25 Glistening Coat: 1 Badge
    • 50 Yellow Gemstone: 1 Badge
    • 100 Red Gemstone: 1 Badge
    • 200 Blue Gemstone: 1 Badge
    • 10 Authoritative Badge: 1 Badge
  • WoE-bound items:
    • 40 White Potion: 4 Badges
    • 20 Blue Potion: 4 Badges
    • 20 Bottle Grenade: 4 Badges
    • 20 Acid Bottle: 4 Badges
    • 30 Plant Bottle: 4 Badges
    • 30 Marine Sphere Bottle: 4 Badges
    • 25 Glistening Coat: 8 Badges
    • 10 Authoritative Badge: 4 Badges
  • 1 Titan Token: 150 Badges

Badges are character-bound. Battleground-bound and WoE-bound items can only be used on a Battleground or WoE map. They are account-bound and can be placed in storage. They can't be dropped, traded, vended, traded to NPCs, sold, or mailed.

Added a 2 second delay to talking in #main and other channels, to prevent runaway spammers from flooding the chat window before they can be muted.

Blocked the typing of more than 3 consecutive spaces "    " in messages, to prevent scammers from impersonating invisible characters in chat rooms.

Heal skill no longer has an added benefit from MATK, it's using Classic formula now.

@monsterinfo and @iteminfo are no longer case sensitive.

Changed mob death animation to be instantaneous to address "ghost mobs" hanging around after they die. In testing, this fixed MvP slaves sticking around after the MvP dies.

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The battlegrounds queue is not currently working correctly, we are investigating.

This is fixed. There was an error in the Battle Recruiter script, causing anyone who talked to her to cause all the battleground queues to reset.

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