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Ingame Events

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Something I'm really missing on this server right now are fun little ingame events. They aren't just fun but also give us players something to do besides endlessly grinding or WOE. We once talked a little about events in the german part of the discord and Steph mentioned that while you guys weren't against events, that you were missing a dedicated event GM.

So I thought that it might help if we players share some event ideas?

Hide & Seek Event
Don't think that ones needs an explanation.

MVP/Mini Boss/Champion Event
Simple but fun events. Just have some MVPs, Mini Bopsses and Champion monsters spawn in a selected town and have the players kill them.

Survival Event
Have everyone create a Novice which will then be warped to a seperate arena. 
There you will spawn aggressive mobs and the last Novi standing will win (several rounds can be done)

Novice Race
A bit like the one above. Pick either a pretty linear or a maze like map an fill it with weak aggressive mobs. 
Then have everyone create a Novice. The first ones reaching the other end of the map or the center of the map will win.
(just have everyone that dies respawn at the entrance)

Teleport event
Use a map that has spots which can only be reached by using teleport. Pick one of those spots and the first player randomly warping on it will win.

PVP Event (Novices)
Have a bunch of newly made level 1 Novices kill each other. The last Novi standing will be the winner (several rounds can be done)

PVP Event
A bit like the battlegrounds. Just use an Arena and when players die have them drop tokens. After a set amount of time the player with the most tokens wins.

Headgear converter
An event NPC that will allow you to convert normal headgears into costumes. The NPC will remain in town for a week or so and will request both zeny and some items.

EXP Event
Have an NPC that will ask for a set amount of zeny to be donated till the next maint. If enough zeny get donated have raised EXP for a week.

Event Monsters
Have monster spawn on every map that will drop special tokens which can be traded for different items (could be different consumables, costumes, convinience/quality-of-life like items etc.)

Taming Event
Use special pets like Earth Deleter, Dullahan, Loli Ruri, Leaf Cat, Mao Guai, Marionette, Wanderer, Whisper, Miyabi Doll, Medusa, Teddy Bear etc.
Have either one of them or a mix of different ones spawn on a map and either have them drop their own tames or have a NPC hand out taming packs (one pack per person) to the players.
Have the map only be active for a set amount of time and the items expire after the event. Just re-open in every now and then with different monsters each time.

Item Collection and Hide & Seek
Have novices get teleported to a special map with different monsters. Then there will be an announcement for different items that everyone will have to collect.
After collecting the items they will need to find the GM on the same map or on a neighbouring map to hand over the items.
The first few will be the winners (or have a set amount of time and everyone that finishes in time will get a reward)

Special drop event
Again have players create Novices which will then be warped to a map filled with special event monsters. Those monsters will then have a low chance to drop special items (could be tokens, costume eggs, gift boxes, obbs, opbs etc.)
Have the map only open for a set amount of time.

Quiz Event
A simple Ragnarok related quiz that can be done in the main chat. Just ask questions related to the monsters, skills or NPCs ingame.
The first correct answer will win.

Prices for events could be gift boxes, old blue boxes, old purple boxes, taming sets, titan tokens, costume eggs or maybe a special event costume egg with costumes which can only be  obtained through events.

These are just a few simple ideas for quick events that can be done on short notice.
Of course you could also add event quests with an actual story behind them or maybe even NPCs that will give you a quiz/puzzle you have to solve.

The possibilities are endless and I'm sure a lot of players would be happy to join events or would be willing to help coming up with even more event ideas.


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I'm fine with this except for the MvP/Mini-Boss summoning event. MvP and their items are supposed to be scarce and hard to obtain, don't flood the server with them 

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i am not a big fan of those events, but i would love some quests. Even if they are PVM or costume only, questing is one of biggest fun for me :P

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Spotlight map, monster, dungeon is a regular server event that helps bring players to new dungeons, or hunting monsters they wouldn't normally hunt. It also brings parties together for certain maps or dungeons.

Champion Monsters are not quite like an event, but more of a server feature, that you can get Titan Token from them and use the Titan Token for cosmetic upgrades for your character.

We will work on adding some events that are non-combat based, both in-game and on the forums. I'm opposed to temporarily increasing experience, drops, or spawning monsters unless there's some theme -- an announced/planned town invasion might be fun, but just spawning monsters on a map isn't very balanced.

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I think its pretty important to have some events that break up the grind, and allow the server to feel more alive.
I wouldn't call the spotlights a real 'event'. Its basicly just 'Grind this are now for extra goodies!'

I suggest simple automated events such as:
Find the porings
Several event porings spawn in a (random) city all over the map. People have to find them and if they kill one they get 1 titan token (or something else). Preferably disable teleporting so people have to run around.

Disguise event
A NPC transforms into a random monster several times. Each time you guess right you get a titan token.

There's also the option of having monster events without the actual monster drops, so the economy doesn't get ruined.


I'd love to see several (automated) events added in the near future.

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