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Content Update: Einbroch

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This update adds Einbroch, Einbech, and Einbech dungeon and the following quests and maps:

  • Oridecon/Mineral Quest
  • Uwe Kliene Quest
  • Factory Quest
  • Murder Quest
  • Lovers Quest
  • ein_dun01
  • ein_dun02
  • ein_fild06
  • ein_fild07
  • ein_fild08
  • ein_fild09
  • ein_fild10
  • yuno_fild05
  • yuno_fild07
  • yuno_fild08
  • yuno_fild09
  • yuno_fild11
  • yuno_fild12
  • (You may ask yourself, what about the other Einbroch and Yuno fields?)
    • ein_fild03, ein_fild04 come with Lighthalzen update.
    • ein_fild01, ein_fild02, ein_fild05, yuno_fild06, yuno_fild10 come with Hugel update.

Added Costume Egg 2, available for 10 Titan Tokens in the Titan Guide. The costumes in this egg are:

  • Costume Cat Ear Hat
  • Costume Blue Frill Ribbon
  • Costume Poring Letter
  • Costume Sleeping Kitty Hat
  • Costume Rabbit Ear Hat
  • Costume Spare Card
  • Costume Neko Mimi Kafra
  • Costume Volume Low Twin
  • Costume Bunny Headdress
  • Costume Red Wing Hat


Pantie Signing NPC -- You can sign Pantie[0] with your name on it, to give to a special someone, or keep for yourself. Look for the NPC Mokona in the center of Payon. For 100 Feather, 100 Iron and 100 Squid Ink, he will help you make a unique Pantie.


Added countdown to WoE in Titan Guide:


Updated Battlegrounds targetting, now displays default Battleground emblem over enemies heads:



  • MVPs and minibosses start off dead  after a maintenance, and will respawn after their normal timer. MVPs with a fixed spawn location will spawn a tomb, killed by Unknown.
    • This is to avoid a free rotation of boss kills immediately after maintenance.
  • Fix an error allowing BG/WoE-bound items to be traded between players. They are intended to be account bound.
  • Enabled mineffect and hiding damage numbers in Battlegrounds.
  • Cards can no longer be stolen.
  • Joining a battleground in progress with @joinbg can be done 1 at a time instead of requiring 2 people in queue.
  • Don't send standing or walking mob data for monsters that have 0 or less HP (related to ghost mobs left after death)
  • Limit battlegrounds to 30v30 instead of 35v35.

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