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Maintenance #6: War of Emperium

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Our first War of Emperium is Saturday, July 7, and this maintenance enables the WoE settings:

  • Enabled castles aldeg_cas03, prtg_cas03, gefg_cas03, payg_cas03.
  • All other castle flags and warps are removed to reduce possible mix-ups.

Some Battlegrounds fixes/improvements:

  • Disabled EMERGENCYCALL in Battlegrounds. This skill caused a crash earlier in the week, and I want to verify that the issue is fully resolved before re-enabling.
  • Fixed initial team assignments in Battlegrounds that often warped one team in several minutes after the other.
  • Fixed multiple IP┬ácheck for Battlegrounds, now it accounts for members in queue, and not just those in battlegrounds waiting rooms.
  • Battleground kill counts reduced:
    • Team Deathmatch: 99->49
    • Triple Inferno: 80->40
  • Added a repair/storage NPC to the Battlegrounds waiting area.

Plant type defense now takes 1 damage from Hunter traps.

Enabled Yuno and Izlude airports/airship.

Fixed Osiris loot table, now drops Assassin Dagger.

Updated OBB, OPB, OCA drop lists for Einbroch content.

Updated navigation window data for Einbroch content.

Fixed 5 dimensional pets, now limited to 2 dimensions.

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