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War of Emperium Details

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Please note that the localized times in our original post were off by 1 hour, WoE will still be 5pm-7pm Server Time (UTC), which is 6pm-8pm London time due to Daylight Saving Time.

Currently the Staff guild owns the 4 castles. When WoE begins, we will release the 4 castles and monsters and boss monsters will spawn in all the castles. If nobody takes a castle by the end of WoE, the monsters will be killed and the Emperium will become free-for-all.

The Emperium takes 1 damage per hit and can't be healed.

In testing, it appears that costume headgears will be shown (not hidden) for this WoE.

After WoE, all guild leaders (plus up to one co-leader) will be invited to a permanent #roundtable discussion channel in discord to talk about WoE balance, what went well, what went poorly, and ways to make WoE more fun.

Any other questions regarding WoE, please let me know.

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