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Loading Screen Contest

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Art contest time!

Our first Art Contest begins today! We are having a Loading Screen Contest for 2 weeks. Design a loading screen for TitanRO and your art can be featured in game!

The top 5 designs will receive 10 Titan Tokens as a prize, so you can decide how you want to spend your reward -- at the stylist, costume box, or pure zeny profit :ic:

The top 5 designs will be chosen by Trojal, and then we'll have a poll to decide the #1 winner! The top winner will receive a unique headgear in recognition of their creativity: Creative Convention Hat


  • Contest runs from 2018-07-09 to 2018-07-22, after which the top 5 entries will be chosen.
  • Final images should be 640x480 .jpg format, 96-300 dpi bit depth.
  • Top 5 winners receive 10 Titan Tokens, #1 winner receives a unique costume headgear.
  • Each person can submit up to 3 entry images for the contest, but can only receive the prize of 10 Titan Tokens once.

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Edited by Cieruru
The third picture is blurred so I have to change it to be a high quality one
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