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Maintenance #7

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Einbroch merchants (weapon dealers and tool dealers) are back from their vacation, ready to sell items again.


In Battlegrounds, skills cost 0 zeny. This addresses Mammonite for now, and other skills later.

BG-only items are usable in PvP arenas. This also applies the 0 zeny cost.

Enabled Izlude airship. This airship is dangerous, and spawns monsters. The Gremlin and Beholder on the airship have had their equipment and card drops removed, to be added when we reach the Rachel content release.

Added statistics tracking code for War of Emperium.

Added missing einbroch/yuno maps to map of the week rotation.

Fix hunter job change quest asking for renewal-based items instead of classic.

Initial attemptĀ on fixing the bug where one has to relog after completing a Battlegrounds round.

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